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  • Hi,

    Something weird is displaying on my site: an extra “More Details” link.

    My site is a store, displaying 4 products on the Home Page. The first 3 products have a pic, a short para of text, and the ‘Read More’ link (except we customised it to »»»).
    But the latest product, added today, displays all the above, but then below it, it shows a little + icon, and the words “More Details” in large blue type. I don’t understand where this has come from?

    WP has been updated since we last posted a product, but what I don’t understand is why, if this change is part of the newer WP, it has only affected the latest post and not them all?

    Anyway, I need to get rid of it, and have the latest post match the rest.

    Our site is here:

    We’re using WPeCommerce, and a minimal commercial theme that was customised to get it to work with WPeCommerce and GoldCart: we had to get it customised because the theme’s creator wasn’t answering support questions. I know you don’t like supporting commercial themes, but this theme is 2 years old, is no longer commercially available, and the creator doesn’t support it any longer.

    On top of that, the guy who originally customised it for us seems to have disappeared off the planet. We’re due to launch our new product TODAY, and we really need someone to just have a quick look and see if they can tell us how to fix this. Please help!!! Thanks.

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  • Oh, and this extra ‘More details’ link doesn’t click thru to the actual product posting, but instead expands the short para of text further, which causes the text to overlap the text of the product below.

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