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  • Sorry Josh – It’s not up to the great UTMCE YET
    Will b watching out for future developments with anticipation

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  • Plugin Author Josh


    Understood Mike.

    Hmm… 2 stars… so does that mean it doesn’t work?

    No Josh – IT WORKS – just clicked the “works” button now – hadn’t tested enough before. Been scrambling to keep several clients who updated their sites themselves happy – roll back to WP 3.8.3

    2 stars – in comparison to the best editor ever for WordPress – UTMCE. It’s going to be hard for you to live up to that one.
    At the moment WP Edit and Advanced Edit are too close – Advanced Edit (for now) offers a few advantages – e.g. assign buttons to any line.
    (Only considering the free versions).

    Next month I’m going to look at reverting TinyMCE in WordPress core from v 4 back to 3. I didn’t like 4 in Drupal 7 (that was easy to fix as there’s no built in editor in D7 – maybe WordPress should take that route too and package the editor as a standard plugin instead of adding it in core), and don’t like it in WordPress.

    Tell you what though – get the advanced link edit back (I see you are already thinking of it) – that’s another star, and the Edit CSS button – another one. Can live without the row options (or clients can get the commercial version if it’s an issue) – I actually like the way the first row now wraps automatically.

    Plugin Author Josh


    Been scrambling to keep several clients who updated their sites themselves happy

    Oh yeah… I know that feeling.. lol.

    Interesting about core. It would definitely leave a lot of room for further modifications. But, the editor is pretty important to tying into the rest of the functionality of the WP ‘engine’. Imagine some of the crazy output and broken pages you would see, if there wasn’t at least something tying them together…

    Lol – love the ‘star ladder’ 🙂

    Thanks Mike. Your suggestions have always been heart-felt and well-received. I think you may have been the first person to comment or review Ultimate Tinymce 🙂

    Oh, and thanks for the “works” click.

    Talk to you again soon!!

    Plugin Author Josh


    I decided to make a light version of the Advanced Link button. It is available in version 1.7 of WP Edit.

    You may read more about it here:

    You get another star – for the advanced link button.
    Well Done – That was fast.
    This forum should have another rating system – for developer support – 5 / 5 no arguments.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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