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  • Hi there, I have done a fair bit of reading/searching for a solution…

    I am a novice/non-coder (clueless about CSS or html, etc) but have managed to create my website using and a shed load of plugins, etc. I used the theme Goran (child of Edin). At the time, I did not know about parents and children. I just picked a theme that looked good, seemed easy to use and went for it. Now, I need to update Edin and I have read extensively that doing this will eradicate my extensive customisations.So I get that.

    So seeing you cant have grandchildren (i have read all the articles in the forum), I am unsure how to progress. Thankfully, I back up my site using backdraft everyday but I would like to 1) update the theme cos from reading, its the right thing to do, to protect the site, etc. Also, 2) I would like a parent and child theme – the latter for keeping a copy of all my customisations and trying out other changes/new stuff.

    Can anyone suggest novice/non-coder friendly solutions?

    Is it possible to *change my theme* to Edin and start from there, then use a plugin to create a new child and then perhaps transfer all code to new parent and child?

    Can I *update Edin theme* though I will lose customisations but then upload my back ups to transfer all code to new parent and child?

    OR (I hope you don’t suggest this) cut my losses and just start from scratch? (yikes…)

    Any useful advice would be much appreciated. And thanks in advance for helping me out

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  • Hi @coachgee2!

    To make sure I’ve understood correctly:

    – You’re currently using Goran (which is a child theme of Edin)
    – You’ve modified Goran directly, editing the theme files without the use of a child theme
    – You now want to switch to Edin

    If I’ve gotten that wrong, let me know ๐Ÿ™‚

    If that’s all correct, then the loss of your code will depend on what you are updating, and where you’ve made your modifications.

    If your code changes are in Goran you should be able to safely update Edin without losing anything.

    Another thing to consider – if your changes are all or mostly CSS, you can put them in the Customizer’s Additional CSS section, (available as of WordPress 4.7), where they will be safe from theme updates.

    If you’ve made changes directly to Goran, and need to update Goran, I would get together a list of the changes you’ve made, and make sure you’ve kept a backup of your current code in a safe place.

    Then update Goran, and add your modifications into the updated copy.

    If you do actually want to switch from Goran to Edin, and leave Goran out going forward, then I’d recommend making that same list of changes. Update Edin and create a new child theme of it. Then you can begin adding modifications to Edin using your old Goran changes as a guide. There may be some differences when working on a new Edin child compared to working on Goran, but what you have now will most likely be a good starting point ๐Ÿ™‚

    Hi there Chad,

    Thanks for your response. Food for thought. How I wish I kept a log of all the changes I made though most of these have been with the use of plugins and widgets and the likes of Microthemer as I can’t code.

    I think bottom line, my desire is to use a theme that allows the creation of a child theme o I avoid all the above all together. I now need to think carefully whether I want to painfully recreate the website in Edin (in the case the modifications are lost) or change the look/feel of the site altogether and modernise (which was something I had considered before).

    By the way, I have noticed there are no updates for Goran just Edin. Is this because the theme developers expect you to update the parent?

    Also I am getting spam sign ups on my sign up plug in. I have the latest version of So is this a plugin or theme security issue?

    It’s sometimes more likely to see an update to the parent theme, since that’s where most of the code is. The child theme is supplemental code, so there isn’t as much that can need to be fixed.

    For the spam issue, I’d recommend contacting the plugin author to see what advice they can offer to prevent spam signups – they’d be in a better position to guide you there!

    Itโ€™s sometimes more likely to see an update to the parent theme, since thatโ€™s where most of the code is. The child theme is supplemental code, so there isnโ€™t as much that can need to be fixed.

    Hey Chad, that makes sense.

    As for SPAM, have added my two penies worth to SPAM debate. Its a known issue

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    Hey Chad,

    By the way, with regards to changes made, etc, does this include the use of plugins? When I update Edin, Will it remove plugins used as this is how I have done most of my changes?

    Updating a theme will not remove plugins, no ๐Ÿ™‚

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