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    Hi, I’m using GORAN theme and just need one little tweak for my home page.

    Since Goran is a child theme to Edin, it can be a bit difficult to modify. I would like to use the awesome FRONT-PAGE template in Goran, so that I can have a featured image with text and call to action over the top. BUT, I’d love to be able to add some content below the featured image, and before the featured pages which load into the page template, much the same way that the GRID page template behaves.

    At the moment, any content goes over the top of the featured-image in Front-Page template.

    Is there any way to be able to achieve this?

    my site with a GRID TEMPLATE homepage is here:

    and I have a test home-page here, using the FRONTPAGE template:

    You’ll see how I want my homepage to be pretty much like the /landing-page, but with the content from the /scottys page.

    I hope this makes sense.

    Thank you, thank you….



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  • Hi Scott,

    Is there anything preventing you from using the Grid Page template on the /landing-page instead of the Front Page template?

    This is a bit of a hacky approach but you could use some custom CSS to get the look you’re after with the Front Page template, if switching to the Grid Page template isn’t an option.

    To start with, we would remove the existing featured image and add it to the top of your page with the following:

    .page-id-987 .hero.with-featured-image {
        background: none;
    .page-id-987 #content {
        background: url( no-repeat;

    Next, we would push the content of your site down below the featured image by adding margin to the top:

    .page-id-987 .entry-content {
        margin-top: 880px;

    Please note, the value of margin-top would next to be increased/decreased in the future if you added/removed content from the page.

    Finally, we would then change the colour of the text and remove the shadow surrounding it, in order to make it readable on its new white background:

    .page-id-987 .hero .hentry, .page-id-987 .hero a.button, .page-id-987 .hero a.button-minimal, .page-id-987 .hero .entry-content a {
        color: #000000;
        text-shadow: none;

    #000000 can be replaced with any colour code of your choosing.

    Remember that CSS should not be added directly to your theme’s style.css file. Instead, you could use Jetpack’s custom CSS editor or a standalone CSS plugin to add the above.

    Let me know how you get on with that! If you have any questions then we’ll be right here.

    I’m finally replying after lots of changing about.

    I’m sticking with the Grid Page template as the homepage for now. Thanks for your help : )

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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