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  • Hello,

    I want to report a problem with the GoogleSpell : the returned suggestions by google are UTF, and they are utf8_encoded again by the class, is this behaviour normal/expected ?
    This give suggestions like “séparer” instead of “séparer”.

    I’m probably not in the good place (I hope no, else sorry :/), but I have 2 suggestions : could be possible in next versions to detect the WP language to make it first(default) in the SpellChecker ?
    And could it be possible in next version to choose the email sender address ? (or to remove “blog.” also)

    Thank in advance,

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  • This was in wp-includes\js\tinymce\plugins\spellchecker\classes\GoogleSpell.php, 41 :
    $sug = explode("\t", utf8_encode($this->_unhtmlentities($matches[0][4])));

    Can I report bug here ?

    wp-includes/theme.php, 174, should be :
    $wp_broken_themes[$subdir_name] = array('Name' => $subdir_name, 'Title' => $subdir_name, 'Description' => __('Stylesheet is missing.'));

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