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  • Google is releasing its Friend Connect tonight. It has applets that you can add into your code to give it social content. In otherwords, features similar to Facebook. My question: Is the friends listing features compatible to wordpress member list…in otherwords can a person signing up on my friends list automatically update the members of my blog, and members of my blog be put on the friends list?

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  • Friend Connect could be HUGE for self-hosted WordPress sites.

    As it stands now, you could paste the codes directly into your templates but what we really need is a plugin that ties Friend Connect directly into our sites’ own membership functions.

    Seriously, if Automattic are serious about data portability, they should refocus BuddyPress on this opportunity and build it into WordPress – I’m convinced that full Friend Connect integration would draw masses of traffic away from the walled gardens and substantially increase the percentage of people willing to leave comments.

    Comments seem to be the weak point of Friend Connect. It appears that currently you would have to get unique code for every post. Cause if you used the same code you’d get comments from another blog entry.

    That and the membership functions seem to be the weak points.

    Yes, having looked into it further, it seems that Friend Connect is pretty limited, allowing you to insert iframes into your page but giving you real access to the data. Surprisingly, it seems that Facebook Connect is far more open than Google’s effort.

    The comment gadget does identify unique posts and will keep comments separated. Google does this by identifying the “scope” of the comment. You manually set this when generating the html code. I tested this out by replacing my comments.php code with the Friend Connect code for the comment gadget. Worked great. But it’s NOT a replacement for the comments functionality in WP since you have to go to google to approve comments if you have that filter set.

    Here’s a video tutorial:

    Remember to let me know your blog address so we can link up.

    Enjoy 🙂



    Over at the Social Arrow there is a WordPress Plugin for Google Friend Connect in development. Hopefully out by Monday!

    I agree with Proximajoe and donnacha. Google Friend Connect is in my opinion, virtually useless if it does not recognize people who have already signed up at your site/blog. That member would have to sign up again to use this sweet new feature, but is registering with GFC a third party process/requirement? Meaning, is GFC storing people who sign up for it and saving their user information so that they can use their GFC account all across the web like how Gravatar operates? I do not think that GFC operates in that fashion. So the logical next step for the developers would be to see if google’s OpenSocial API (or what ever code needed to accomplish this connection and integration between GFC and an individual wordpress user database) would be tweakable into accomplishing this true and necessary integration.

    Hi all,

    It looks like there are several Google Friend Connect comment plugins out there now. However, does anyone know of a way to place any of these GFC logins correctly in the sidebar rather than at the bottom of a comment form? This could be really useful as a sidebar login option.


    * Google Friend Connect Integration plugin is really just slapping GFC on the surface, so that’s a no-go:

    * These two come close, but live in the comments section and don’t work in the sidebar:

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