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  • Plugin Author Rob La Gatta


    Hi svievchik. Thanks for the note here; have you double checked that the Maps are set to display under the general Events settings (Events -> Settings), and that the event specifically has the map box checked to display? If you updated from 2.0.8, there was an issue where settings got wiped upon upgrading…so if you had the box enabled in 2.0.8 but updated to 2.0.9, they’d be lost and you’d have to re-enable it.

    Let me know if that’s possibly the issue and we can troubleshoot from there.

    Hi, yes, I enabled it in settings and the boxes in all events are checked to show the map. Here is a link to the calendar:

    Plugin Author Rob La Gatta


    Hey again. Got it; can you try switching to a different template under Events -> Settings? There are a few bundled with the plugin and your theme likely has its own as well. Swap those out and view the change on the frontend to see if it works as it should.

    From there, if the problem persists, my guess is it’s a conflict with either another plugin or the theme. You’ll want to try deactivating (first other plugins, then the theme as needed) to see if this issue persists on a vanilla install. Let me know the results of that…it’ll help is identify, if there is a conflict, where that conflict lies.

    Hi, I do not have any theme options under the Events -> Settings. If you mean WP themes itself, I have tried to switch them around and nothing happened, had the same problem with Googlemaps. I have also tried to use different Templates under the Events Settings, again it did not help.

    I turned off each plugin to see if there is a conflict, nothing happens again.

    It is interesting, I have not change anything except updating the Events plugin since August, I have not upload any new plugins, have not used any new themes or settings.

    I actually have a backup of the previous version of the Events plugin, was trying to see if there is any difference in php files, seems like everything is the same. And when you debug a page, it looks like it gets the right code but for some reason just does not show up.

    I guess I will try to switch the JS files around and see if that will work.

    I’m having a problem with the google map link as well. It shows up on the individual event page as shown in this link

    but doesn’t show up in the Event Lists.

    Do you have a solution to this problem?

    oops. I messed up the links.

    Individual event page

    Events list

    I want the google map link to be on the Event List so I don’t have to have each event as a sub tab under Events on the Header Menu.


    I still have problem with showing a Google map on a single event page. Tried different ways to find out what causes that problem but nothing worked.

    Plugin Author Rob La Gatta


    Hi again svelvchik. Thanks for the note here; I’m not sure why you wouldn’t be seeing template options under Events -> Settings, unless you are running a really old version of the plugin. There should be a “Template” tab that appears and has a dropdown: Are you not seeing that?

    Regarding the problem you’ve noted, NQD: the absence of a “Google Maps” link from the loop has been reported to us and is a bug we’re working to fix in an upcoming release. Let me see if Jonah from our dev team has a suggestion on how to add it back in in the interim. No guarantees but stay tuned on that end.

    Meanwhile, svelvchik, let me know your thoughts on my point above.

    Hi, yes, I see them, I have tried to change them and it did not work. Thank you for your replay. I hope you’ll be able to fix that bug, cause I really like to use your plugin in the future.

    Plugin Author Rob La Gatta


    Hey Svelvchik. Thanks for the follow-up; as this actually isn’t a bug with the plugin (as nobody else is experiencing that problem), it sounds like there may be something specific to your install.

    You say this emerged when you updated to 2.0.10, correct? We’ve had a few reports of this and it’s due to the fact that we updated the jQuery used in 2.0.10 so that it was current and compliant with WP’s standards.

    As a result, certain themes/sites that aren’t running the latest jQuery saw things break. When I just checked the version of jQuery running on your site there it is 1.7.1; since The Events Calendar uses whatever version of jQuery ships with WP (as of 3.5, this is at least 1.7.2), any site running below 1.7.2 is going to encounter problems. It looks like in your case either your theme or another plugin is swapping the default jQuery for some older version, which is leading to these display problems.

    Sorry I couldn’t offer up more. If you can find out what the conflict is caused by, I would definitely encourage updating so that you can run the latest 2.0.10 release (which includes a number of stability improvements over 2.0.9). If you have any other questions I can answer to help ease that, please do let us know.

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