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  • Googlebot has not been spidering my blog for a long time. It has been spidering the rest of my pages almost daily. I know I am able to track googlebot hits, because I was able to track them when they were spidering my blog and my main blog page is in the google index. I’m wondering if there’s a problem I don’t know about.


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  • Try setting up a Google sitemap if you’re really concerned. This plugin makes it easy.

    I got the plugin and executed it. It appears to be working except I’m unsure about something.

    It says it successfully built the sitemap file:
    – Path: /home/beyourowndetective/blog/sitemap.xml

    but could not write into /home/beyourowndetective/blog/sitemap.xml.gz

    It said it successfully pinged google, so that’s good.

    I did have to manually create and upload a blank sitemap.xml file and make it writable (666). Did I also need to create sitemap.xml.gz?


    If I remember anything, I don’t think you honestly need the .gz file, because it’s the same thing, but g-zipped.

    I believe the .gz map is only useful if your sitemap is massive, so unless your sitemap contains many thousands of URI’s, the .xml version should be sufficient.


    you just need one of them. You can disable the gzipped version by unchecking the “Write a gzipped file (your filename + .gz)” option.

    Please disregard. I just answered my own question.

    Google is now slowly spidering my blog pages and producing a tiny bit of traffic but they aren’t getting many visitors from any of the search engines. Many of my fixed html pages are outperforming my blog pages.

    Do blog pages generally take longer to build ranking and traffic than static pages?

    The search engine bots (or anyone else for that matter) has no way of telling if a page is dynamic or static, they all look the same to it.

    Things take time, I’d imagine especially in the business of the type your in, as its probably a popular spam topic and I know you’ve mentioned before that Google had placed a dunce cap on you at some point, so it’s probably just being cautious. Also from what I gather, once it spiders your site, the results are necessarily instant, I believe the Google database is updated at specific times of the month, so it’s generally not instant.

    Good luck,

    That’s true that something that has a commercial market or affiliate programs associated with it is often the target of abuse, which is why I have been making sure I have content that’s unique and original as possible.

    Google has been extremely slow at updating PR and cache, and Yahoo is even worse, however I have been getting spidered heavily and frequently by googlebot which is a good sign. I’m just wondering if they’re ever going to get around to updating their pagerank and cache.

    I might actually be in the google index for some very good keywords, but with my current ranking, it may be so far down in the SERPs, nobody is seeing it.

    How much new content per day or per week is usually recommended? I have been adding new posts to my blog rather slowly. How much is considered too much new content in a given week?

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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