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  • All pages are being accessed by googlebots except the main page. .

    Running Customizr theme.

    My Firewall settings:
    Apply Security Filters:
    Block directory traversals (../, ../../etc/passwd, etc.) in application parameters.
    Block SQL queries (union select, concat(, /**/, etc.) in application parameters.
    Block WordPress specific terms (wp_, user_login, etc.) in application parameters.
    Block field truncation attacks in application parameters.
    Block executable file uploads (.php, .exe, etc.)
    UNBlockED leading http:// and https:// in application parameters (off by default; may cause problems with many plugins).

    Not sure how to check if scripts running on site have proper permission.

    Not sure what more to do to verify site has proper permissions to access all pages. Like I said, every page is being access by google bots EXCEPT the default website page.

    Thank you for your time and attention.

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