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  • I’ll admit it’s only been a couple days since I put it up, and I don’t expect miracles. But I simply can’t find my blog anywhere on google, even outright searching its title. Does this have something to do with the name of the blog (luminousnerd) being seperate from the domain ( Would it do me any good to purchase the domain and redirect it?

    Also, do you see anything wrong with my meta info? Since it’s all through PHP I’m not so good with it…I did change the title, because I know Google looks at that a lot.

    What else can I do to get myself googlable?

    Thanks a ton 🙂

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  • whooami



    … a couple days

    Keep writing, and be patient.

    Googlebot comes when it comes, and the ONLY thing that will matter is your content. Ignore the SEO crap (all of it), just write.

    Okay, but there are definitely things that can be done to increase ‘googleability’. I know it looks heavily at the Title, and also at how often the page changes. And most importantly (at least to Google), I need to make sure other pages are linking to me.

    I would write a thousand articles in the next few days, but I don’t think people will want to read that much. There are so many things I could write about but I don’t want to sound overbearing. Isn’t it possible to blog too much?

    Also, do you have any suggestion where I should begin looking for someone to link to me? I know blogrolls might be a good idea, but how do I find other peoples’ blogs in the first place? I’ve never really been a blog-reader, only engadget and occasionally someone else’s.

    Thanks for the help!

    You could try some plugins from here:

    Maybe find some others as well, through other “catagories” of hacks here:

    Good luck!


    Wow, those plugins look awesome! Will try them out! Thanks a ton!

    Also, would it be beneficial for me to make more ways to subscribe via feeds?

    (bump for unanswered questions)

    Well that’s just great! Now this page is the #1 google hit for “luminousnerd”!!!!! WTF?! How can I make Google see my page?


    Start by going here:

    Submit your url using their tool. Then possess your soul in patience. The sky isn’t going to fall if it takes 3 months for you to start showing up in google. It’s a blog, not life and death.

    lol , you can’t get google to see ur page , they will see it when they want (kind of …)

    Try to guess how to make google take all ur page and rank u # 1 on all keywords that you want and you will be the next millionaire sorry i meant the next gazillionaire 🙂

    Just give it time and google will take your site , few days are not enough usualy … it could take between few days to 6 month to get a site cached .

    So just keeeeep writing and wait !

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    I also recommend installing the Google Sitemaps plugin. This generates a Google Sitemap XML file for your site whenever you make a post, and pings Google telling it to get the new sitemap. It’s a way to tell Google exactly where your pages are and be sure that their index has the right URL and such.

    Sitemaps are not the solution to all your problems, but at least it will give GoogleBot a push in the right direction.

    vkaryl, I know, but I feel like I’m blogging to no one. That’s no fun.

    chaaban, I know I can’t get it really high for lots of the ones that have serious competitors, but there’s a serious problem when the very name of the site doesn’t return the site first, or even at all. And I know there are things to speed this along.

    Otto, just before you posted I actually found that. Was looking around at it, thanks tons for the info. That’s very cool, I will get right on installing that and also looking into the other webmaster tools. I don’t think Googlebot even saw my site at all before.

    Heh. Yeah, I’ve been blogging to no one for a couple of years now…. It’s a pressure-release valve, and I don’t worry about the rest of it.

    The other thing though is that you might have to wait for the dns on luminousnerd to resolve completely throughout the world, before google actually sees it even as “itself” when searching for the domain name. That can take a couple of days, and then you have to add in the time it takes to propagate through google’s datacenters…..

    Oh I understand that part. I started the topic when it was hosted on

    Okay, this is just fucking ridiculous. I can’t get my site by googling Something’s wrong here. Does anyone know? Does WordPress have some “feature” that blocks Google?

    Of course not. WP isn’t at all in any way responsible for how, if or when if ever google drops by your blog.

    [And since it seems that you changed hosts between one demand and another here, you’ll probably have to wait even longer for google to “find” you.]

    Lol, okay, look, I’m not demanding anything. I’m just frustrated with the issues I’m having. And I do appreciate all the prompt help I’m able to get here.

    And I’m sorry for the sarcasm. But the serious question was just to see if WP had anything to do with it. I’ve been doing a lot of things to make sure Google sees me. In the past, I’ve been hired to actually make sites more google-able. But I’ve never run into the idea that Google didn’t even see a site. I’ve had the domain for long enough now that I would definitely expect Google to see it, even if it wasn’t very high on the rankings yet.

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