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  • I’ve uploaded the Google XML Sitemap plugin per instructions, and created the two sitemap files and changed permissions as instructed…but the plugin does not show up as having been loaded when I open the Plugins menu . What is the problem?

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  • Does it appear it the plugin list or can’t you activate it?


    It does not appear on the plug in list; yet it was uploaded with my FTP software….I’ve uploaded everything with the same http://FTP….don‘t know why it won’t show up in the plug in list.


    Okay before i begin, let me give you some background history. I run a very popular WordPress powered blog called eGMCarTech ( First my traffic had a sudden drop in January 2008 from Google. I finally got a hold of someone at Google and they told me that basically 50% of my content was not being indexed due to being on a shared server and that the server was blocking resources Google needed to crawl and index my site.

    So I switched to MediaTemple (an amazing hosting company) on a dedicated server in end of April 2008. Moved my whole website there and started using the Google Sitemap XML.

    After that every article I wrote started showing up on Google within 20 mins. It was beautiful. Even my old content, which according to my Google Webmaster’s account had over 2,000 pages with errors, got indexed and the errors went down to 128. Even my pagerank went from 4 to 5! I was having the time of my life.

    Now here is the problem, starting May 12th of 2008, every article I’ve written is NOT showing up on Google. All of the sudden new content is not getting indexed. I made no major changes to the code besides using Disqus ( as my new commenting system. I checked my Google Webmasters account and that says that Google last visited my site for a crawl on May 10th, and the number of errors went down from 128 to 58. I just checked Google Webmasters again and it says Google came by on the 13th. However none of my new content that I’ve written after May 12th is getting indexed! It used to get indexed like 20 mins after i wrote it and now its just not showing up at all. Not only that my old content seems to appear and disappear every now on then from Google.

    Traffic is still stable and PageRank is still 5. robots.txt file is good and so is the sitemap.

    Site change wise the thing i did notice was that that my site was not HTML or XHTML Valid. I fixed all the errors I had from 180 something to 6. But here is the MAIN PROBLEM I’m noticing. All the pages are in Google’s index. If you do a site-specific search like this

    Every page after may 10th shows up fine like that.

    However if you do the same search as you would search anything regularly on google like this:

    It won’t show up for anything posted after May 10th. Is something blocking me from being searched in the main Google Search?

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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