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  • Hi,

    as you might probably know, YAHOO and MSN joined the Google Sitemaps program, see this posting at TechCrunch.

    I’ve updated my XML-Sitemap Generator Plugin (formerly known as “Google Sitemap Generator”) to the new XML namespace and fixed some smaller bugs.

    The most important change is the memory usage which is now about a fourth compared to the last release and should solve many memory-limit errors, timeouts and white-screen-after-posting errors.

    You can download the new beta version (3.0b4) HERE. Please note that it’s not compatible to the Alpha version of WordPress 2.1 yet (if anyone is already using it).

    Please report if you still encounter any white pages after posting, how many memory the script uses (the amount is displayed in the log if the server supports it) and how many posts you have.

    Best regards,


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  • Heya Arne and thanks for your plugin.
    I’ve been using the previous version 3.0b2 with some memory exhaust problem just in the last days (128M for 21K posts in 4 years) since today when I switched to 3.0b4.
    I deactivated the old plugin, I uploaded the new sitemap.php and then I activated it. I’ve also resetted the option but now my sitemap is not generated while clicking on “Rebuild Sitemap” but it gives me a page with only the admin header.
    Requesting it with the GET method give me a blank page.

    Thanks for the help,

    I’m using the “stable” 2.7 release version of the sitemap.php plugin at

    It includes Akismet spam comments in its calculations. Here is a small patch to not count spam comments. I’d post a diff, but isn’t liking it. Near line 1049 where it reads “//Query comments and add them into the array”, the query should read:

    SELECT comment_post_ID as post_id, COUNT(comment_id) as comment_count, comment_approved FROM $wpdb->comments WHERE comment_approved <> ‘spam’ GROUP BY comment_post_ID

    The “comment_approved <> ‘spam'” part will select out the Akismet-flagged spam comments.

    Thanks for that.
    You can always post code to 🙂

    I’v recently migrated my blog to a new host and most of the plugins are failing, which were running perfectly earlier.

    This includes Sitemap Beta also, please look at the error:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: spa_default_options() in /home/.lodi/ditii/ on line 47

    Can anyone advice me, what’s missing or the cause of error?

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