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  1. davecotefilm
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Hi, I hope someone can help. I've created a site, http://english-language-words.com or http://www.english-language-words.com

    I had the site as a different domain before (michaelcote.com) but of course this was temporary, and the site indexed just fine. Then i bought http://www.english-language-words.com (because that's what the site is, so the domain should reflect it), but it's been weeks and google search brings up nothing when i search either english-language-words.com, http://www.english-language-words.com , http://english-language-words.com , or http://www.english-language-words.com ..

    I'm not sure why google wont' index the new domain when the old one was indexed very quickly. I've used the webmaster tools, under health, and index.

    One thing i do notice is that i have alot of broken links( that I'm working to clean up), since moving the site to the new domain i lost alot of the pages.

    If anyone knows a solution, or if I'm just missing something obvious, please let me know, as I'm new to building webpages.

    Thank You:)

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