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  • When I want to setup the Sitemap details in Google WMT, Google comes with an error.
    See picture in link below (in Dutch)
    Link picture

    The errormessage is: Uw sitemap lijkt een HTML-pagina te zijn. Gebruik in plaats daarvan een ondersteunde sitemapindeling.

    In English: Your Sitemap appears to be an HTML page. Instead, use a supported sitemap format.

    What to do?

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  • I have this same problem.
    When I click on the button Sitemap in the option page, it opens up the homepage instead of a sitemap. Also I can’t find it on the server.

    Could you guys please include links to your sites so testers can take a look.

    Sounds like an XML encoding issue as the sitemap is being found. Most common reason is extra blank lines being added at the top of the sitemap.

    It’s a different issue. You won’t find the sitemap as a file on the server – the plugin creates a virtual file, not a physical one.
    Something is re-directing the lookup request to your homepage – Maybe you have a 404 plugin to redirect broken links this way?

    @mikeotgaar I have no 404 plugin active.

    This is the site:

    I’m using Genesis and WPML.

    Same problem for me, shows the homepage…

    My plugins list :

    • Always Edit in HTML
    • BackUpWordPress
    • FancyBox for WordPress
    • Google Analytics for WordPress
    • Installer
    • Meta Slider
    • Remove Widget Titles
    • ShareThis
    • Widget Logic
    • WordPress SEO
    • WPML Media
    • WPML Multilingual CMS
    • WPML String Translation
    • WP

    Please help ! 🙂

    Ok, I’m also listing my active plugins, just to be sure 😉

    Background Manager
    Category Checklist Tree
    Cool Video Gallery
    Custom Recent Posts Widget
    FancyBox for WordPress
    Genesis Featured Grid
    Genesis Featured Images
    Genesis Featured Widget Amplified
    Genesis Grid
    Genesis Simple Breadcrumbs
    Genesis Simple Edits
    Image Widget
    Regenerate Thumbnails
    SEO Data Transporter
    Shortcodes Ultimate
    Simple Page Ordering
    Simple Social Icons
    Video Sidebar Widgets
    Widget CSS Classes
    Widget Logic
    WordPress SEO
    WPML CMS Nav
    WPML Media
    WPML Multilingual CMS
    WPML String Translation
    WPML Translation Analytics
    WPML Translation Management
    WP No Category Base – WPML compatible
    WP Robots Txt
    WP Show IDs


    At the moment there’s a site map generated by the “Google Sitemap Generator Plugin” /sitemap.xml

    The /sitemap_index.xml link returns a 404 error

    This is a physical file – Yoast’s plugin has problems if it exists – The Google Sitemap Plugin doesn’t delete the file when uninstalling/deactivating

    @picks44 @jack

    Looks like you’re both using the WordPress Multilingual Plugin (WPML)

    There’s a known bug mentioned here

    Also maybe worth checking some of the other topics

    With v1.4.19 onwards, Yoast made a lot of code changes inline with latest WordPress best practices.

    Sorry I can’t test the fix from the forum – commercial plugin

    Now I’m getting redirected to my homepage, each time I hit the sitemap button. Damn, this plugin always gives me headaches 🙁 so that it makes me wonder why it ever became so popular.

    The solution here doesn’t fix anything for me so far… 🙁

    For me neither…

    I also tried adding the code on this page to my htaccess file, before the WP rewrite rules, as Yoast pointed out. That only gives me a 500 internal server error and making my site unreachable.

    Sorry you guys are still battling with this…
    The .htaccess code mod definitely won’t work for this problem.

    I’m looking at another option (nice you guys are willing to experiment) – will post shortly

    By the way – anyone tried reverting to an older version of WP SEO –“>v 1.4.18?

    It’s nice of you to help us 🙂
    How do I revert the plugin ? Erase the current folder et replace with this one will do the trick ?

    Just replaced all the files with the older version and guess what? It works! I get a sitemap with seperate files for each language.

    Thanks Mike!!! 🙂

    Nevertheless and perhaps I should be really gratefull … 😉 I do regret that I have to use this plugin instead of the simple Google XML Sitemap plugin I always use together with the equally simple SEO of the Genesis Framework.

    But for now I’m happy. Hope it works for you too Picks44!

    If you’re willing, try this (also untested) mod to WP SEO, to replace the deprecated code removed in v 1.4.19.

    Insert the following the following after line 62 in wp-seo.php

    $pluginurl = plugin_dir_url( __FILE__ );
    if ( strpos( $pluginurl, 'https' ) === 0 && strpos( get_bloginfo( 'url' ), 'https' ) !== 0 )
    	$pluginurl = substr_replace( $pluginurl, 'http', 0, 5 );
    define( 'WPSEO_FRONT_URL', $pluginurl );
    unset( $pluginurl );

    I’ve published a more comprehensive discussion with fuller guidelines here

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