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  • I am having great trouble with my site. I have submitted a sitemap and updated my url in Google Webmaster tools… and now Google no longer indexes any of the pages in my site except for my index page. One can no longer search for a post on Google – zero results are returned. Within webmaster tools, when I do an advanced search on my site, Google reveals that, in fact, it only finds my home page and no other pages for my website.

    My home page is Can anyone take a look and help me understand what’s wrong? My sitemap points to all of the pages within my site… I have submitted the site to Google…

    I’m losing my mind trying to figure this out!

    You can test it by typing in The Gulf shows in a google search. You won’t get a result that includes the “shows” page for my bands site. Similarly, you can search for any specific page or topic within my site – you’ll only get the home page as a result in Google. Aaargh!

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  • So it all worked fine until you submitted the sitemap? How did you create the sitemap? Do you use a WP-Plug-in for that? Then i would contact the creator of the Plug or maybe there’s still a posting somewhere…

    On the other hand, if you can’t figure out what wrong (i checked your site and for me everything looks alright) just put the f****** sitemap back into the trash can where it belongs to 😉

    But okay, there can be dozens of other reasons for the problem, perhaps Google only needs more time to spider all pages or it found duplicate content; everything is possible with Google 😉

    Good luck, and BTW: Cool Music 😉

    Ok, first thing – PLEASE don’t auto-play music on your website… I beg you.

    Your sitemap looks fine… your robots beta tags look fine… the googlebot hasn’t been to your site since November 19th, so you may just have to wait for it to come around again… when did you submit the sitemap?

    hi, agarlan, did you mess around with the redirect stuff?

    Take a look at your site report via

    It returned 110 errors for me and included a 30 day re-visit instruction to robots.

    Thanks for these replies.

    Verabass, maybe I’m just an idiot, but for some reason when enter into the form on, it returns a message saying there are no errors… Why are you seeing 110 and I’m seeing none?

    I’ve messed with the redirect stuff but I’m still not sure what precisely I need to do. Where do I do this redirect stuff? I’m not a pro with this particular part…

    I’ll check into the 30 day re-visit instruction to bots. Thanks!

    Please feel free to keep the suggestions coming… Google still hasn’t come back to index the site… still no results for any pages other than my home page…

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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