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  • I run a video game website, At one point it was just an ASP database of the items and quests in DDO. It was indexed by Google with about 6000 entries. Basically one for each item or quest.

    I added a WordPress blog to it. After I was more familiar with WordPress I built a handful of templates (the same pages as the ASP ones) and added those to the WordPress site. Then I disabled the ASP, as it was redundant and did not inherit the WordPress theme changes, updates etc. Now the database is all nicely integrated into WordPress.

    However, no matter what I do I can not get Google to index these pages now. At the time of the conversion there were about 6k pages of info, now there is closer to 8. However, Google is only indexing 160 pages! These pages are the posts and pages I have created in WordPress and not the item or quest pages. This is terrible. I am missing out on TONS of traffic because these pages are not showing up in Google.

    I have a XML sitemap, checked and verified with the pages that need to be indexed.
    I have also created an HTML sitemap in an effort to be sure there are links on pages to help Google crawl the site.
    I have external links pointing to these pages and they still do not appear to be indexed.

    I am looking for help in solving this issues as it is really hurting my website. I really REALLY do not want to go back to separate sub section outside of WordPress but the traffic hit is killing me.

    Here is the template search page for one section:
    Here is the detail page for the search:

    If you can help point out any other less common things that would keep these pages from being indexed I would really appreciate it.

    These pages have been live for over 6 months now and still are not indexed.

    Thanks for all your help!

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