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  • Plugin Author osp_wpfx


    Hi there! Sorry you experienced a problem with the widget. You probably have something other than your Google+ ID in the Google+ ID box. Make sure you just put in the numbers from the url of your Google+ profile and nothing else.

    Otherwise, seems like the cache file did not get created for some reason during install. Try this to resolve…

    1. Give 755 permissions to /wp-content
    2. Create a file called plus_cards.txt in the root of the wp-content directory
    3. Make sure the file has at least 644 permissions
    4. Go into the widget admin, enter your Google+ ID (if necessary) and save

    Just installed your plugin. Nice work! unfortunately, once the widget is added to the sidebar, I get this error text:

    Fatal error: Class ‘SoapClient’ not found in /[…]/wp-content/plugins/google-plus-widget/googleCards.php on line 68

    How do I fix that? Thanks.

    Plugin Author osp_wpfx


    Hi neville! Thanks for your question! Sounds like wherever you’re hosting your blog, that server doesn’t have its respective php-soap client package installed. The name of the package may differ slightly based on the version and the OS that’s running on your Web server…you may need to ask your host for assistance. Here’s an article that explains it some more detail:

    We try to keep an up-to-date list of common issues along with their resolutions in the FAQ tab of the plugin page. Be sure to check that if you run into additional problems and if your issue isn’t found, let us know and we’ll do our best to find a resolution and include it for the future!

    Also, we’re preparing to release an updated version of the Google Plus Widget in a couple days or so which will update how Google has recently restructured its profile information (there have been some recent issues with the circle count as well as the profile image not appearing)…so be on the lookout for that and please upgrade when it becomes available.

    We’re also planning some additional value-add enhancements in the very near future which will combine some more Google+ features into the Google Plus Widget along with the ability to customize the plugin’s appearance.

    Thanks for your helpful reply, appreciate it. Will look into it with my host (DreamHost), report back when I have news.

    @neville: just log into Dreamhost, click on “manage domains”. scroll down to your domain, click Edit in the web hosting column. Under “Web Options” ensure that you have PHP version 5.3 Fast CGI selected. SOAP is not available in 5.2.

    @in8sworld many thanks for that tip – worked perfectly, site now running on PHP 5.3.5 fastCGI. No longer the fatal SOAP error. Now I just need to get the widget to actually display more than just its title…

    @neville I must admit I removed the plugin shortly thereafter.

    Plugin Author osp_wpfx


    Hi All! Google recently changed the structure of the Google+ profile area which is why you were experiencing the issues surrounding the circle count and missing profile image. Currently, Google has not released an official API for Google+ so when they make a significant change on their end, it requires us to update the widget accordingly. We’re hopeful that Google soon releases the Google+ API at which point we will incorporate and will stabilize the external display of profile elements.

    My apologies for any inconveniences, but know that we are actively working to improve the Google Plus Widget every day and are excited about the possibilities that the Google+ platform will provide all of us!



    Ipage ( is hosting my site.

    I opened a ticket and this was the answer:

    Unfortunately, we do not support PHP SOAP client as it is not compatible with hosting plaform, but you can use SOAP as a PEAR package. You can actually use soap_client class to implement the SOAP protocol. Please disable the plugin and very from your end.

    At the moment I’m very busy to build the site and I’ve no time to work on pearl class. so, At the moment, I must resign.
    I’m afraid because your widget is great!

    I’m having this issue on php 5.3.6 even my hosting confirmed it was loaded but when using phpinfo() inside WordPress. No SOAP is loaded, spent all day trying to figure it out.

    There are no php.ini in the installation and the htaccess files don’t include anything that would appear to cause it.

    Anyway when I find a solution I’ll post it on because I have people waiting to see the outcome, save me going around updating where I’ve discussed the issue.

    I’d just like to add a ‘+1’ button under each posts header. Possible?

    For the moment I am getting the following error…

    “Fatal error: Call to undefined method WP_Error::get_items() in /home/nathanoj/public_html/propertyshoot/blog/wp-content/plugins/google-plus-widget/googleCards.php on line 158”

    Suggestions appreciated. Thanks.

    Plugin Author osp_wpfx


    @nathanoj – Version 1.4 will very soon be released and should solve this issue. Unfortunately, at this time the +1 button cannot be used exclusively under each post header. We will consider that request for a future update. Thanks!

    Hello, i used the plugin on my website but there is no google plus profile images being displayed. The good news is that the click through to the google plus page is working. If you look on the website: and scroll to the very end, look on the right.. Plugin is not working right. Don’t have any idea how to fix this… Can someone help me please? Thanks a LOT!

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