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  • Okay, so my web master wasn’t telling me about these errors and I’m on damage control now.

    Heres what I’m dealing with:

    Google Webmaster Tools Report:
    Errors for URLs in Sitemaps – 48
    Not found – 109
    URLs not followed – 46

    Details about my blog:
    – I use it as a CMS with 900+ posts
    – My permalinks are modified into the google friendly
    – My blog is installed in but we have put the index in the root so that when you go to our site wordpess comes up immediately

    Info about Errors for URLS in Sitemap: (48)
    This is perhaps what baffles me the most. When I look at my sitemap none of the pages that it references as error wrought (Redirect Errors) actually exist in the sitemap itself. The sitemap isnt telling google these things are there (and they aren’t) and yet google is telling me that they are.

    An example of what I mean:
    Google is telling me there are redirect errors on page
    Yet that page does not exist, if it did, it would be in the form of NOT with the wordpress root in the URL. This kind of error is repeated countless times in the sitemap error reporter and I dont know what to do about it.

    Info about Not Found Errors (109)
    Again, all of the errors are coming from pages that do not exist within my permalink structure – instead, its picking up on the /wordpress/ and not finding the pages. This time however, they are _all_ 404 errors.

    Info about URLS not Followed: (46)
    Again. The errors are originating from URLS within /wordpress/ which dont actually exist.

    I understand that is is quite a huge loud of errors but I have just been dropped into this and its time to compensate. I’m sure this is pulling us down into pagerank obscurity.

    Any and all help is much appreciated,
    Thank you,

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Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)
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