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  • Hi there,

    Please can anyone advise?

    My google webmaster page keeps askign me to verify my site quite reguarly. I use the AOF SEO Site Verify plugin so it’s no big deal, but is this normal?

    There seems to be no rhyme nor reason to it, but, I updated a plug-in and de-activated the plug ins for a little while – could this have anything to do with it?

    Any help/advice greatly recieved.


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  • just follow the instructions in google for verifying your site. You just have to create an empty file with the name they give you and upload it to your domain root folder and leave the file there indefinitely.

    So you recommend not using the AOF SEO Site Verify plugin?

    I have no knowledge of AOF SEO. Never seen it so couldn’t comment on it.

    But google site verification is nothing to do with SEO. It requests verification so that you can prove you are the site owner. Otherwise it won’t allow you to see statistics or midify anything about the site.

    So just do what google tells you to do to verify your site. Uploading the file it asks for tells google you have administrator rights for your site otherwise you wouldn’t have the passwords to allow you to do the upload. It is a security thing.

    I had a look at that plugin and it won’t do anything for your SEO.
    It’s about telling google, yahoo and Microsoft that you have verified your website with them which you haven’t.

    I would suggest you uninstall it and if you want to verify your site with each of those search negines, then set up an account with them to do it as you appear to have done with google.

    But you don’t need to verify your site for it to be listed in any of those search engines. The accounts you set up with them just provide you with some feedback on how they are indexing your site. They don’t allow you any direct control over the indexing.

    I would suggest “Meta SEO Pack” which if configured thoughtfully with regard to your post text and post titles, will give you good SEO.

    I just created a page and put the html code in the title and it worked fine for me. Hope that helps.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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