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  • My wordpress site is not getting crawled for some reason. Site Impression has gone down to 0. In HTML suggestion, am getting “302 (Moved temporarily)” error. Read a few similar FAQ and they said it is because of some Godaddy problem. My site is also on Godaddy. Could it be the only reason or is there some other issues as well with my site. I have also put ads from some other network than adsense. Could this be causing the problem. Urgent help required.


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  • Google doesn’t care about non-google ads, so long as it’s not in violation of their policy (which you’ll need to read up on to know for yourself, I’m not going over that for ya). comes up empty, which is never good.

    Are you forwarding domains?

    have you asked GoDaddy for any help?

    the website that I was talking about is
    I have not put resume site for crawling as yet as it is a new site that we are working upon.
    And now has gone completly dead. No crawling happening at all.

    there has been no mail from google in case they have taken any action against my site. Adsense account is active. But no crawling happening.

    Anyone…help me out!!

    Pick up the phone and call GoDaddy.

    Tell them “Hi, Google suddenly stopped crawling and says I have 302 redirects. I know I didn’t do anything. Did you move my server? Can you fix this?”

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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