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  • I’ve had WP sites getting hacked in the past, but never like this before.

    I had my client get in touch to say that they had a notice underneath their website name under Google search results stating “This website may be hacked”.

    So I logged into Google Webmaster Tools and somehow a file called ‘hollister.php’ had found its way into the wp-includes folder and was producing spam in Google search results.

    I removed this file and upgraded WP and all plugins. I also did another scan using Wordfence to check that everything was in order.

    I used Google’s ‘Fetch’ tool to verify that the file had been removed.

    However Google still thinks that several other files exist on the website, such as:


    However in these instances, I cannot find the troublesome files anywhere. They don’t show up in my FTP client (even when performing a search) or in cPanel’s File Manager.

    I’m at a loss as to how to prove to Google that these files don’t reside on the client’s server.

    Does anyone know what I can do to remove them and stop Google from thinking that the website is hacked?

    Could this be in any way related to my client’s hosting account?

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  • I have several wordpress sites that google has blocked as having “malware” . Did you figure anything else out yet?

    It does not affect my older html sites just my wordpress sites. Would like to follow your conversation. If you find a fix please post again.

    I have looked through the files on several website and do not have any “new files”

    I’ve not unfortunately, it’s been like this for quite some time. My client’s client however, not one of my own so to speak. But I’m still trying to resolve it.

    Did Google tell you that new files have been generated at all?

    Do the files actually work if you point your browser at them?

    If you have fixed the problem you will have to file a reconsideration request, and give info about what you have done to fix it.

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