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  • I wanted to be able to view my own, and other users, videos from google’s new online video service.

    The Google Video Plugin allows you to use a simple tag like
    [gv data=”url” width=”300″ height=”400″][/gv]
    in your post and it will include the video and the player.

    All you need is this plugin and then copy and paste the data variable from google. Instructions are better in the plugin and on my website.

    I have only tested it on WP 2.0 and it seems to be working great, so if anyone is willing to mess around with it and let me know how it goes, maybe someone can take this and make it into something even better 🙂 Until then I will spend my time hosting my videos at google and writing about some of the stupid crap that goes up there 🙂

    Anyways go here to get it. Please leave comments, and if you need any help please ask!

    Hope this helps someone!

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  • Nice improvements! 🙂 Seems like embedding videos from one’s local server would be a nice added touch as well. Would that be an easy addon?

    A gallery feature with thumbnails would be awesome. Definately interested. Glad you took on this task, otherwise I’d be spending endless nights coding this thing. Good job!

    When I copy and paste the text from Google Videos, WordPress does not fully save the code.

    It omits the closing </object> tag and as a result my sidebar goes to the bottom of the page.

    Anyone know how to fix this?


    Can this podcasting thing be done in website like

    I dont have any server or own hosting, i am using it from

    Is there anyway i can podcast viseo in my blog ??

    please help

    Les Bessant


    keeper of the Tiggers

    We can’t really answer questions about here. You can try the forums:

    and the unofficial Yahoogroup:

    But, I can tell you that is very restricted regarding plugins.


    Always one more new idea to keep me from releasing 🙂 but that’s great and yes embedding from your local server is great SO I added that also. But I took it even farther.

    Now with the plug-in you can download my optional Flash FLV player. Simply SWF that allows you to embed ANY flv into your blog. Just simply use the plug-in as normal like this
    [gv data=’http://www.serverwithflv/myflv.flv’][/gv] and that’s it. The included player will then stream that video into your blog.

    On top of that you can also embed Quick Time .MOV files using the same idea
    [gv data=?http://serverwithmov/

    This then uses the embedded QuickTime player ?

    So to recap the new plug-in will have a PHP file containing the actual plug-in and a SWF that you need to put somewhere on your server that will allow streaming of ANY flv from any server. It also allows streaming of any MOV file.

    So now that this plug-in can span google, youtube, any FLV, and any MOV on the net I think its time to rename it. It is not longer just the small google video plug-in it began as. I will be keeping the [gv] tags because I don’t want people to have to change them. But the new plug-in will be released under a different name. So searches can find it as an all around video plug-in for wordpress….

    As expected the QuickTime and FLV additions both have separate customizable classes for each part, and separate functions to allow other plug-in’s to use there features.

    Now I will yet again hunt through this code and optimize it to the best I can. I will soon be releasing the New Video Plugin, along with the SWF video player


    If you are using the plug-in properly you should not be copying and pasting any object tags at all. You should be copying everything after “googleplayer.swf??

    Only the URL to the video, your entry should look this like
    [gv data=?–XdvmxJrRGjRxizmbkvEvOzwYxgl_U4biLu5meRISvz8WAqNKJvTd3hBhnBaUcXG_N-5WADcObU0jb0ZBrI8w%26sigh%3DJ8klFZQUyMqlQ7nV25t6zRqkrsg%26begin%3D0%26len%3D303536&][/gv]

    Hey everyone the plugin has been release with all the new features under the name the WordPress Extreme Video Plugin

    A New thread has been started so visit there and please leave me more comments and tell me about any problems you run into.

    Thanks to everyone who has been helping and thanks to everyone who has been using the plugin.

    How come i cannot download the plugin from the official site ?

    Where else can i download it from ?

    You need to install the “update” link (The directions for a new install using that link are below)

    Worked perfect for me…Great plugin!

    To support the display of Google Video clips on your WordPress blog – I opted to use vipers_videoquicktags … the plugin works like a charm – its easy to configure and best of all it really works.

    Get it from:

    Its a great plugin.


    I posted some instructions on how to add a Google Video into a WorlPress post
    I hope this helps

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