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  • I wanted to be able to view my own, and other users, videos from google’s new online video service.

    The Google Video Plugin allows you to use a simple tag like
    [gv data=”url” width=”300″ height=”400″][/gv]
    in your post and it will include the video and the player.

    All you need is this plugin and then copy and paste the data variable from google. Instructions are better in the plugin and on my website.

    I have only tested it on WP 2.0 and it seems to be working great, so if anyone is willing to mess around with it and let me know how it goes, maybe someone can take this and make it into something even better πŸ™‚ Until then I will spend my time hosting my videos at google and writing about some of the stupid crap that goes up there πŸ™‚

    Anyways go here to get it. Please leave comments, and if you need any help please ask!

    Hope this helps someone!

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  • Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    If you are after something to test this plugin with, I totally recommend this one πŸ™‚

    i don’t understand, why use this instead of the code google gives you when you click on “put on site”

    (not being rude, just wondering)

    oh wait, I see, it breaks up the page, sorry I never tried it before, I’m going to go ahead and try out this plugin.

    hey it works really great, is there any way to make it work under the ‘<!–more–>’ function?

    Hey Thanks for giving it a try! And actually I went ahead and tested it under the more section it seems to work as is.

    I ended up with my post looking like this
    Testing plugin in “more” section”
    <pre>[gv data=””][/gv]</pre>

    When I clicked “read the rest of this entry” the player came up no problem. Where you having issues using this plugin in the more section?

    And yes not only does the page break when you copy and paste the code in from google. This plugin also allows everything to just be easier managed.

    You dont have to have a giant pasted object tag in your post, just one nice compact little tag that points to the video. A little easier to work with. πŸ™‚

    Hope its working well for everyone!!!


    Yeah, it doesn’t hide for me when I put it under the more tag. Also, it seems it’s not working in IE. My latest post has an example using your plugin.

    nevermind about the more tag, now it’s working great, it was a CSS error on my part.

    But it’s still cutting it off in IE. I tried resizing it to what you have in your demo (400×326) since yours is working in IE. any clue how to fix that?

    cool! i can’t wait to get video into my site.

    FYI: i added this to the codex plugin page to facilitate people locating this handy plugin,

    The option FULL SCREEN dont work here… any solution?


    I was not able to reproduce the same problem.
    I have some screen shots, of my IE before and after clicking on “Read the rest of this entry”.

    One recommendation is to go back to my site and download the plugin again. A change has been made to fix IE from cutting off the flash movie.

    This was not only related to the more tag, but IE would always shift the movie to the left.

    If you do not wish to download it again the fix is

    Line 96: wp-GoogleVideo.php – Edit To Read:

    $flashStr .= "<param name='salign' value='TL' />";

    the value “TB” was causing issues in IE.


    I am not sure what option “FULL SCREEN” you are talking about? Do you mean the “view this video on google” link is not working?



    and Thanks to everyone for helping out with this! Glad to see it is useful for people!

    “I am not sure what option “FULL SCREEN” you are talking about? Do you mean the “view this video on google” link is not working?”

    The player have the option FULL SCREEN… but dont work in my blog.

    thanks! it’s working perfectly now πŸ™‚

    Hello Again, πŸ™‚

    This plug-in has been downloaded about 214 times in the last 6 days. Now for me that’s pretty crazy seeing it’s my first real plug-in. Then again maybes that’s nothing, what do I know πŸ™‚

    Anyways Version 1.1 of this plug-in is pretty much done. Some of the issues that have been addressed are:

    • Names of style classes are now customizable. So you can decide what you want to call the CSS classes holding all the pieces, also the text in the link that defaults to “view this on google” is also customizable.
    • JavaScript has been added directly from google to allow the Full Screen button to work. This requires a whole new way of copying and pasting the code, and also requires downloading the googleplayer.swf to your own server or using my “hack the sandbox” method I will be writing about. BUT! worry not this plug-in has been written so if you upgrade you will see no changes to your current entries and you can still add entries the basic way just like always. Advanced features have just been added, not required πŸ™‚
    • Javascript Flash Detection has been added to tell user they need Flash Player Version 7, if they dont have it
    • The code has now been reorganized into better functions to allow other plug-ins to use them. Now other plug-ins can simply call a GV function passing in variables like URL, width, height, linkText, and class names to provide a custom look in there own plug-ins. Then they will be returned a string of HTML all set to display the video.

    Definitely has me thinking about a new WordPress Video Gallery plug-in that could be my next venture :).

    I will get to posting the new version of the plug-in sometime in the next few days. It is actually pretty set, just want to test out a few more things, and sleep πŸ™‚ its 2am!

    Thanks again to everyone who has tried it, and any other feedback is always extremely helpful!

    Have you thought about including youtube videos as well?


    Yes I have. You got ahead of me πŸ™‚

    surprise surprise as of this post the GV plugin will also support all video from You Tube. You will now be able to add the following data types

    For Google
    data=”path to google video from ‘put on site’ link”
    data=”path to enhanced Google player from view source”

    For You Tube
    data=”You Tube Video Id (ex: WXeVggCd164)”
    data=”Path to You Tube Perm Link”
    data=”Path to You Tube Embedable Player”

    No extra variables are needed the plug-in can detect which site and video you wish to show. Google video and You tube have separate customizable CSS classes to change the look and feel of each. Also separate customizable link text.

    Both Have seperate functions that can be called from other plugins to add a Google Video Content or You Tube video by simply passing the function the same information you would pass the “data” type

    Sorry for the delay on actually getting the plugin up. I promise you it is working well. I just want to clean it up, and make sure I haven’t mistyped anything. It is working well on my site currently.

    Check it out

    Next on to the You Tube API and get a Nice Gallery going! πŸ™‚ Would anyone else be interested in that?

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