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  • So there are two plugins I have used in the past. Don’t currently use them.

    1) Google Two-step verification.

    This is where you download the Authenticator and it spits out a code. You go to /wp-login.php then type your username, password and this code.

    2) Single use passwords

    I can’t remember what the proper name is but it spits out a bunch of passwords, I print it out, take it with me. When I run out, I print a new set. If I get the new set, the previous set becomes useless.

    The advantage of 1 is that I have my BB with me all the time. However, the disadvantage is if I forget to charge my blackberry or I can’t for a while.

    The advantage of 2 is that I don’t need my BB, however…..I need a printer to print out the new set of passwords to use and I might not be in a place with a printer.

    I am going to go to certain place on earth that is EXTREMELY known for government spying, cyber cafes are extremely expensive and not the safest (my dog’s chew toy is safer – I have a husky by the way).

    I HAVE to blog while on this trip.
    I HAVE to secure the site.
    I HAVE to go on this trip.

    This is a work trip, I am a journalist. I am the current “webmaster”, since the last one quit. I would use your answers to my own site as well.

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