Google Toolbar spellcheck and visual editor in 2.1 (1 post)

  1. Scytle
    Posted 9 years ago #

    Kind of strange, but found this out today after uploading to 2.1, I always used the Google tool bar spellchecker to check my posts before uploading (as I am a poor speller in the best of times), I would hit check, correct everything and then hit publish (while the toolbar still had "control" of the input box" in 1.5.X worked fine, now that I am running 2.1 I did the same thing.

    The strange thing was when I published the post the words that Google, had highlighted in green (correct spellings now) stayed green in the final post, same with the things it had highlighted red. Seems the temporary span's that the toolbar adds to the code while its spell checking will get published if you hit publish.

    I went back in to edit the post and hit the code tab and sure enough a bunch of spans with color info was in there.

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