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  • I can’t finda plugin that creates a google toolbar button and keeps it up to date. I remember one from Movable Type that used atom.xml to keep the button up to date. What’s the WP version?

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  • Do you mean a button that will reside in the Google toolbar that will pull up an RSS feed of your blog?

    Yeah, that’s what I mean.

    I don’t think it exists yet but I can do it. I’ll let you know when I have something.

    Wow! Cool. Thanks!

    Hmm.. This has some interesting potential. Not only can you create a button dropdown that gets updated via an RSS feed, but you can change the feed to have icons for each entry, descriptions for the hover, even allow them to do searches on the site via the toolbar.

    Could be a neat plugin.

    I have a very basic plugin now that generates the needed XML file. I’ll have more on this tomorrow. Stay tuned.

    There is a working version of this plugin available now at my website:

    That page has instructions for how to use it. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions either put them here or post a comment there.

    The link to the ZIP file on your page does not work.

    Sorry about that. It’s fixed now. Please try again.

    I’m trying to get it going. The function file_put_contents seems to already be taken by something else. I tried changing it to file_put_contents_toolbar but I’m having trouble regardless and I’m not sure if that’s the cause. Also, do you know what could be done to put a custom image in there somewhere? I remeber having to use this site to translate the image into code in order to include it in the MT plugin:

    Regardless, thanks a lot for developing this!

    Oh yeah, here’s where I have it installed (it’s the little Add to google toolbar link near the top. The one below is for the old toolbar.

    EDIT: I manually added my logo to the plugin. You might want to add a link to the image processing site I posted in your site!

    Got it working. I swapped out wpurl with url in the plugin everywhere I saw <?php bloginfo(‘wpurl’) That could just be because of how my blog is set up. I also put the logo in manually. Works great! Thanks!

    What version of WordPress are you using?

    I first wanted to have the most basic thing working and then add the extras. I plan on adding some options when I have something stable enough to build on (in other words when I have enough feedback from people that what I have now is reliable). Images will be a bit tricky because they need to be in base64 format. I’d like to add that as part of the plugin so if anybody has any ideas of on how to integrate base64 conversion into the plugin I’ll be grateful.

    I’m still on 2.0.3 for that site. The only change I made to get it to work was to change wpurl to url. I also changed the name of the file to toolber_button.xml in a failed attempt to get my old button to automatically pick up on the new one (it would need to appear in the root directory but appears in wp-content) and adding the base64 image in was purely aesthetic. But if you follow the tinyurl link above you’ll find that it works!

    I followed that URL and know it works but it doesn’t give me any information on how. That’s ok, though.

    As you noticed, I defaulted the directory of the XML file to wp-content. I plan on adding an option to change the directory the file can be found in. I also plan an option to change the default file name (currently is the name of your blog with spaces replaced by underscores).

    I made 2 changes to the plugin. One was to integrate your change to use url instead of wpurl. The other was to check to see if the XML file already exists before it runs the code to generate it. (Previously it was regenerating the file every time a page was loaded. The file check will cut down on page load time.) Both of these changes can be found in version 0.2 currently available at my website (

    You’re the man. This should become a hot plugin since every WP user can find a use in it.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)
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