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  • Hi,

    if you’re already using WordPress 2.3, the Google Sitemaps Plugin < Version 3.0b9 will NOT work for you since it tries to access database tables which don’t exist anymore. Please help me getting the new version in a stable state prior the WP 2.3 release.

    The current test release is 3.0b11. It works with WordPress 3 and uses MUCH less memory than the older versions. Please test it and report any problems so I can fix them until WP 2.3 comes out.

    Here is the download URL to the always most current version:

    Thank you very much for your help! 🙂

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  • Keilya


    I got it to work right now. Even the blank page problem is gone now after I click on activate.

    I copied the original wp-config.php and added the memory limit. (@ini_set(“memory_limit”,”16M”);) After that I uploaded it and everything seems to work.

    I must have had a bad copy of wp-config or something when I added the line before.

    Anyway, thanks for the support.

    Glad to hear that it’s working again! Kuddos. (:

    I upgraded to 2.3 and I have installed new version of yours plugin and it works great .

    There is only a problem with yahoo it always tell me that there is a problem with yahoo but I think it is a yahoo’s problem 🙂

    Thanx a lot for this plugin

    What if I already have a sitemap.xml with over 100 pages? Will this plugin respect and add to it? Thanks.

    Response to my post above: My WordPress blog is in a subfolder at

    Google Sitemap Generator took all of three minutes to set up and created sitemap.xml and sitemap.xml.gz in the subfolder, and even notified Google, Ask, YAHOO! and my mom (just kidding) of the new sitemap.

    This is way cool, thanks for this plugin!

    Hi ! I’m also experiencing problems with your plugin since I upgraded to WordPress 2.3 …
    Since it was complaining that some tables were deleted, I came here to download the latest version of your plugin (3.0). Now I have a “funnier” issue ; when writing an article and clicking on the save button (or save and continue editing), it shows a white page with this text:

    Warning: mysql_fetch_object(): 103 is not a valid MySQL result resource in /mnt/123/sdb/5/e/schermesser/khrys/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/google-sitemap-generator/sitemap.php on line 2075
    Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /mnt/123/sdb/5/e/schermesser/khrys/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/google-sitemap-generator/sitemap.php:2075) in /mnt/123/sdb/5/e/schermesser/khrys/wordpress/wp-includes/pluggable.php on line 390

    I get a similar issue when posting a comment. Would you have an idea what’s happening ?

    Arne, you said earlier:

    @alyas2022: This error is probably not related to the Sitemaps plugin since it is not active on the front end. There is also no such database query in it so you could try to disabled all your plugins one by one to see which of them causes the error.

    Unfortunately you are mistaken. google-sitemap-generator.3.0b7 has this snippet:

    $catsRes=$wpdb->get_results("SELECT cat_ID AS ID, MAX(post_modified) AS last_mod FROM” . $wpdb->posts . “p LEFT JOIN” . $wpdb->post2cat . “pc ON p.ID = pc.post_id LEFT JOIN” . $wpdb->categories . “c ON pc.category_id = c.cat_ID WHERE post_status = 'publish' GROUP BY cat_ID");

    Notice the $wpdb->post2cat occurence in the code.

    @jerryjm: The plugin will overwrite your existing sitemap file but you have the option to specify another filename.

    @khrys: Could you post a list of other plugins you have currently activated? Maybe one of them doesn’t use the WordPress API to make MySQL queries.

    @asmodai: You are right, but look again at the query from the post I’ve replied to. It’s using table aliases like “t1” which the sitemap plugin doesn’t. Please also note that v 3.0b7 is not compatible with WP 2.3, see my first post.

    Best regards,


    In case this helps with any debugging:

    Trying to use the Sept 28 version of 3.0 I get:

    Error loading stylesheet: A network error occured loading an XSLT stylesheet:http://mydomain/wp-content/plugins/sitemap.xsl

    The plug-in is installed at /public_html/wp-content/plugins/google-sitemap-generator.

    the sitemap.xml file is generated ok and placed in the root directory of the blog where it should be findable with http://domain/sitemap.xml

    At first I thought I needed to make a change to .htaccess but after changing the default location for the XSL file to


    I was able to see a sitemap at this address http://domain/sitemap.xml

    The file contents are updated but the datestamp is unchanged. There was a problem notifying Google, Yahoo and Ask. Since the files are being built ok I’m not sure if the debug function will shed any additional light.

    I use the following plugins:

    Executable PHP widget
    Google Analytics
    MyBlogLog Widget
    Where did they go from here? Stats
    WordPress Database Backup

    Note that everything is fine as long as Google XML Sitemaps is Deactivated. But I like your plugin, so it would be cool to be able to use it again 🙂

    I have a similar problem to krhys (I’m using WP 2.3). When mass-editing comments I get:

    Warning: mysql_fetch_object(): 187 is not a valid MySQL result resource in /home/blog/public_html/wp-content/plugins/google-sitemap-generator/sitemap.php on line 2075
    Warning: mysql_query() [function.mysql-query]: Access denied for user 'nobody'@'localhost' (using password: NO) in /home/blog/public_html/wp-content/plugins/popularity-contest.php on line 576
    Warning: mysql_query() [function.mysql-query]: A link to the server could not be established in /home/blog/public_html/wp-content/plugins/popularity-contest.php on line 576
    Access denied for user 'nobody'@'localhost' (using password: NO) on line: 576

    I have lots of other plugins I’m afraid:

    @war59312 Maybe you had the plugin installed in the wp-content/plugins folder before (without an own subdirectory)? Does it work if you move the sitemap.xsl back to the sitemap plugin directory and click on “Use default” next to “Include a XSLT stylesheet”?

    Yes, that was the problem. Old build was not in its own directory and reseting that option to default worked great. Thanks! 😀

    i have a very irritating problem and o hope you can help me. After i install everything seems fine (no errors) but if i want to access the sitemap it shows this error
    “Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in /home/cityv/public_html/gollum/sitemap.xml on line 1”

    if i try the debug it gives me this error
    “Undefined property: stdClass::$post_content ($post_content_filtered, $post_title and so on) in /home/cityv/public_html/gollum/wp-includes/post.php on line 440”
    I’m using wordpress 2.3 and sitemap 3.0
    This is the link to the sitemap:

    Version 3.0 is working fine for me on WordPress 2.3 except:

    All pages that are sub pages are not listed in the Sitemap.

    i resolved my problem, i modified something in my .htaccess
    now everything seems to be working fine

    I fixed my problem too by clicking the box “Enable manual sitemap building via GET Request”

    I thought that it wasn’t grabbing my sub pages when I was clicking on “rebuild the sitemap”. What was actually happening was the sitemap wasn’t rebuilding without the GET Request option turned on. I suggest that perhaps there should be a note next to this option or have the option greyed out if GET Request is turned off.

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