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  • Checking Google analytics I discovered there are 100 bum links from a trashed page. I started that page, never published it, but instead trashed it. In building my sitemap the plugin glommed on to that page generating 100 error codes when Google crawled my site.

    Hopefully I have corrected it for the next time Google comes around by permanently deleting that page. Why would this plugin include a trashed page when generating the sitemap?

    Seems like a flaw to me.

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  • Almost the same here, I use custom permalinks (%title%) and i got a lot of number links in my sitemap… none of them exist, they are all 404. Maybe when i’m starting to post, before i type in the custom URL, or before it appears by itself the sitemap generator had already made a link with the number URL? so annoying

    Sitemap picked up a page, not a post, a page from the trash heap and included it as an active link. I went back and permanently deleted the page, ran the plugin again and the page is no longer listed in my sitemap. Bums me out the plugin would list a trashed page. Makes me wonder what else it is picking up.

    It is a good idea to resubmit the site map to tell Google that I have updated my site again. If you need help creating sitemap Try Sitemap

    I have the same problem. I have some pages that do not exist. The URL in the xml sitemap file are something like:

    If you try to visit these pages you get a 404 error.
    But If I create the sitemap manually, it is created right, without these wrong pages.
    How can I solve it?

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