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  • stamford



    I’ve been trying to do this:

    “create two new files, name them “sitemap.xml” and “sitemap.xml.gz”, upload them to your blog root and use a FTP program to apply CHMOD 755 or 777 to them. To create these files, simply open Notepad, click on “File > Save As”, choose “Filetype: All File” and enter “sitemap.xml” as the name. Repeat this step for “sitemap.xml.gz”. “

    I wasn’t sure what my root folder was so I uploaded the two files into
    ‘httpdocs’ which contains the subfolders:


    I them tried to change file permissons to 666 or 755 or 777 and I get the following error:

    500 ‘SITE CHMOD 755 sitemap.xml’: command not understood

    I can’t find help in any of the forums I’ve looked at. I am stuck now.
    I’d be grateful for suggestions!


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  • I am such a newbie at this I shouldn’t be allowed to reply to questions, but I figured out a similar problem on my setup and maybe it will help you as well.

    I learned that the CHMOD function does not work on Windows based hosting accounts — only on Linux. I have a Windowss hosting account with GoDaddy and it took me some time but I found that going into Account Manager >> Hosting Control Panel >> Manage Account >> Content >> File Manager leads me (finally!) to a place where I can set permissions.

    I put a screenshot on my site.

    Of course, if your server is hosted with a different company, the process may be different, but perhaps this will help lead you to the right place where you can change the permissions.

    By the way, once I changed the permissions to “read” AND “write” for the site, I was able to make backups, upgrade my WP program, etc. with no problems. As soon as I was done, I went back and changed the permissions back to read only.

    Hope this helps!

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