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  • When I save a post either in Draft or Publish mode, I get an error pg. which indicates that Google sitemap is generating a bigger packet than is allowed:

    WordPress database error: [Got a packet bigger than ‘max_allowed_packet’]
    UPDATE wp152_options SET option_value = ‘a:2562:{i:0;O:30:\”googlesitemapgeneratorlogentry\”:3:{s:6:\”_level\”;i:0;s:10:\”_timestamp\”;i:1150917413;s:4:\”_msg\”;s:293:\”Successfully pinged Google at\”;}i:1;O:30:\”googlesitemapgeneratorlogentry\”:3:{s:6:\”_level\”;i:0;s:10:\”_timestamp\”;i:1150917413;s:4:\”_msg\”;s:283:\”Successfully built gzipped sitemap file:
    – URL:

    I’m using WP 2.0.3 & Google Sitemap 3.0b1. I’ve never seen this error before & am not sure what’s changed either within the plugin or my installation that would’ve caused this.

    The post is saved despite the error. I also checked the Sitemap pg. on my internal interface & it appears to be pinging Google properly & rebuilding the database after the save. So I’m confused by what’s going on & is wrong. I’ve written to the plugin author but haven’t heard a response yet.

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  • The plugin author replied that the way to deal w. this bug is to hit “clear log” in the plugin’s admin interface. He’s fixing the bug for the next upgrade of the plugin.

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