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Google Sitemap Generator Problem

  • Hi, I’m having trouble with the Google Sitemap Generator plug in. It only displays code in the sitemap.xml file and on some browsers, it tells me that it needs a style sheet to display properly.

    Can someone instruct me on how to install one?


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  • I think it is normally… se my sitemap.xml http://blog.wilson.com.pt/sitemap.xml

    The sample output on the plugin home page looks different:
    http://www.arnebrachhold.de/sitemap.xml – so I think there’s something missing from my installation.

    There’s a later version of the plugin that generates the “pretty” stuff. Use the version 3.0 beta to get that sort of option.

    Hmmm – I installed 3.0 and tried to click on the button to use the default .xsl sheet to create a human readable sitemap, but the button didn’t do anything. Any ideas?

    Thanks again!

    I don’t know what button you’re talking about.

    On the sitemap config screen, there’s an option to “Include a XSLT stylesheet:” Put the full URL to the XSL file here, save your options, and then rebuild the sitemap.

    Next to that option there’s a link (not a button) that says “Use Default” and it doesn’t do anything for me. Do you know where I could get an .xsl style sheet to use for this?

    Thanks – you’ve been so helpful 🙂

    The XSL stylesheet comes with the plugin. It should be put in the same directory as the plugin.

    The “Use Default” link just does some javascript that fills in the URL for you with the normal path to the stylesheet. If you didn’t actually put the stylesheet on the site with the plugin, then it might not work.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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