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  • I have updated to version 3.0b6, I deactivated all the plugins but Google (XML) Sitemaps and i still get the same error…

    Can anyone please help? Thanks!

    I also tried version 2.7.1. and it doesen’t work. Does anyone have the same problem? When i try it directly via the link everything works OK.

    Any suggestions?

    Hi styll,

    I dont have a solution, I guess, but at least I have the same problem 😉 Except for me its Google and who can not be notified… Have you found a solution yet?


    I have the same problem in Google not being notified.
    I am running php 4.4.4, WordPress 2.2.1 and Google Sitemap Generator 3.0b8
    Nearly the same configuration is running on another host without any problems. Can it be something wrong with the php installation?

    I recently discovered that I have the similar error “There was a problem while notifying Google.” for Google, Yahoo and

    updated to “XML Sitemap Generator for WordPress 3.0b10” but didn’t help.

    Just bumping this up because I have the same problem. WordPress 2.3, Sitemap Generator v. 3.0 (no beta that I can see). It announces that it had a problem while notifying Google and while notifying

    Any movement on this problem?



    versions older than 3.0 had a really stupid bug with the ping functions. If it doesn’t work in v 3.0, try to ping the engines by hand using the following URLs:

    The plugin looks for the following to check if the ping was successful:

    Google must just return a normal website (HEADER 200 OK) is scanned for “successfully received and added” is scanned for the word “success”.

    Especially the YAHOO service is down quite often, Google works in most cases.

    If NONE of the pings worked, it’s probably a problem with your system, maybe the PHP setting “allow_url_fopen” is set to false AND your host has not installed “curl”.

    I too am getting this. What’s funny is it worked just fine the day before 2.3 and now it doesn’t.

    I get the same…
    # There was a problem while notifying Google.
    # There was a problem while notifying YAHOO
    # There was a problem while notifying

    It can’t be a server issue for me since it worked fine the day before so hopefully someone can kindly post a remedy for this problem.

    Any help would be much appreciated.


    Oh, by the way I’m using the 3.0 version of the plugin and WP 2.3.


    @bryanh99: Maybe your hosting provider disabled the remote fopen function and “curl” is not installed. Do the other external things like the Dashboard news work?

    That was it in my case. curl is not enabled by default. I enabled it, and voila, the sitemap was submitted successfully to all services.

    Thank you arnee.

    Um, seems yahoo has changed something, now I am getting:

    There was a problem while notifying YAHOO

    Been fine for months…

    Bumping this thread – Does anyone notice the problems of notifying Yahoo? Others work, but not Yahoo.

    I turned “allow_url_fopen” on and now Google and Ask work 😛
    Yahoo must be down

    Thanks 🙂

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 28 total)
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