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  • richeicher


    I am running SME Server 7.0 final
    Joomla 1.0.11
    JD-Wordpress 2.0 RC2
    and Google Sitemap Generator for WordPress 3.0b1

    I was first unable to generate a sitemap and the component would display a blank page after trying.
    I was getting this error:

    Oct 23 14:24:33 catpower httpd: PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function: sefreltoabs() in /home/e-smith/files/ibays/Primary/html/components/com_jd-wp/wp-includes/template-functions-links.php on line 191

    I commented that line out of the template-functions-links.php and then was able to create the sitemap.xml and the component loaded all the time.

    The only problem is it’s generating a sitemap.xml file that has errors and google won’t take.

    Has anyone actually gotten this working with a similar settup? I am SOOO close to having everything I need working. JD-WP and the google sitemap generator are such awesome programs. I know if I just get this one last thing fixed I will be set.


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  • chaaban


    i searched on google and the only thing i can find is that those errors are related to mambo and joomla , nothing to do with wordpress .

    sefreltoabs() is not a wordpress function



    hmm . . .

    I just generated a new sitemap.
    Anyone care to peak at it and tell me what’s wrong with it?


    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    sefreltoabs() is not even in the template-functions-links.php file. You may want to double check that your files have not been modified, as you may have been hacked or something.

    The reason your sitemap seems to be failing is the blank custom page you have defined (end of the file):


    Empty loc = bad mojo. Check your Google Sitemaps options page and remove the errant custom page entry.



    sefreltoabs seems to be a Joomla thing . . .

    I got the blank/undefined entry out of the sitemap but google says it still has errors.

    Once again, anyone care to look at it and tell me why it’s failing?

    It looks right to me . . .

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    What errors does Google give? It should tell you what’s wrong with it in a bit more detail, or at least give a line number.



    sorry about that . . .

    Here is a copy of the errors from google . . .

    Parsing error
    We were unable to read your Sitemap. It may contain an entry we are unable to recognize. Please validate your Sitemap before resubmitting. [?]
    Invalid URL
    This is not a valid URL. Please correct it and resubmit. [?] Url:
    Parent tag:




    This sitemap generator stopped generating a sitemap.xml for my site once I got past 3,000 posts. I am now at 12,000 posts, and add about 100 per day. Does anyone know of a php script that can handle a large site like mine?

    Also, the Yahoo url.txt script stopped working as well. Does anyone know of a script for Yahoo that will work also?



    Er…. wotin’ell are you doing, splogging? Geesh.

    I am using JD-WP and I get the errors each time I post.

    Usually it is malformed ampersands, either Joomla or JD-WP generates an ampersand xml doesnt like & and that xml file wants &amp; or & (the code here is btn backticks but the formatting is not helping me make my point- sorry.

    I would be very glad to know of a tweak that would correct this output. At this point I just figure everytime I post I am going to have to go in and manually edit the google sitemap file to correct the errors generated by the site.

    Also see this topic in the JD-WP support forum:

    There is a fix for the template functions problem(s) if you nose around the JD-WP support forum some.

    As for the guy with 12,000 posts- his question had little to do with the subject matter, but with that many posts to make each day he didnt have time to start a new topic?

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