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  • Hey everyone, I have the latest version of wordpress (2.3.1) and the latest final (v3.0) version of the google sitemap generator at

    My problem is that it doesn’t seem to load. It activates fine but when I go to the options page it doesn’t load anything. It just says ‘XML Sitemap Generator for WordPress 3.0’ and the Reset/Update buttons are there but nothing else. No options, no status, no nothing.

    Now the stranger problem – I have wp 2.3 locally installed on my computer and there the plugin works fine. I updated wp to 2.3.1 on the local installation and guess what – it works ok! So how is this possible?

    [b]UPDATE:[/b] I ran a quick test disabling all the other plugins one by one and found out that there seems to be a conflict between Simpler WordPress and Google Sitemap Generator. I’m wondering now how to make it so that I can use both plugins, since they’re both essential, the first one when posting new posts it removes the preview and makes posting so much faster.

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  • Hmmm, looks like that this won’t be so easy to accomplish. The sitemaps plugin uses the same identifiers for certain parts of the administration page to copy the look and feel of the post page including the movable boxes. The Simpler WordPress plugin hides one of them.

    BUT the sitemaps plugin will work without the admin page. Disable the Simples WordPress plugin, make you changes to the sitemap configuration and make sure that it’s running well. After that you can enable the Simpler WordPress plugin again.

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