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    I created a Google Sitemap using the Plugin Google Generator by By Arne Brachhold. This worked fine as I am familiar and practiced with Sitemaps at Google.

    I installed the Google verification code into my blog and my site is verified.

    However I am receiving one “General HTTP error: 404 not found.”

    The link for my sitemap is my site name.sitemap.xml. ( When I click on the link it is my home page not the code which would resemble an RSS Feed. The URL is for my sitemap however.

    What am I missing as it relates to WordPress? My experience lies with Dreamweaver which creates a Google Sitemap and resembles code (RSS) as I describe above. This works flawlessly.

    Thanks for any constructive help.


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  • Do you use a rating script ?

    I’m not familiar with a rating script. Could you please explain that?



    because in the past i’ve problem with google sitemap and a rating plugin….try to disable the plugin

    This issue has been resolved by me. I went into my WordPress Admin —>> Options —>> Sitemap –>> Rebuild Sitemap button.

    Next scroll down to your location of sitemap file and the option button for automatic location should be checked.

    Click detected URL which is provided. This is your sitemap encoding or XML file. Copy the URL and using this as your Google sitemap.

    Remember to setup your Google Sitemap under your actual WordPress URL. The actual sitemap is the xml url.

    dbistrow, I’m having precisely the same problem you did, but the fix doesn’t seem to work. I’m using WordPress 2.1 and version 3.0b7 of the Google (XML) Sitemaps plugin.

    The plugin generates the sitemap files, but Google chokes on them:

    “General HTTP error: 404 not found. We encountered an error while trying to access your Sitemap. Please ensure your Sitemap follows our guidelines and can be accessed at the location you provided and then resubmit.”

    The sitemap file is here:

    … but, like you, I find that browsers won’t display it — they just revert to my homepage. I tried your solution, immediately above, but again my browser displays my homepage rather than the sitemap file. I suspect this is why Google can’t read it, but I don’t understand why the file won’t display in a browser. Thanks.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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