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  • For some reason my search results for my blog are different after switching from Blogger to WordPress on my own domain. You can see that the Blogger results show the title of the blog and then it starts with the content of the post. However the WordPress blog shows the title and then some type of code. Also, the title of the WordPress entry includes “Blog Archive” rather than just the title of the post. My Blogger results are usually higher as well.

    Here are the google results for the Blogger blog (rank #1): Search phrase “Don’t Forget Your Girlfriend”:

    jeff singer photography BLOG: Don’t Forget Your Girlfriend
    Don’t Forget Your Girlfriend. We’ve moved: The post you are looking at has moved and can be found here: 2007/07/dont-forget-your-girlfriend.html – 40k – Cached – Similar pages

    Here are the results for the new blog (rank #2):
    jeff singer photography BLOG » Blog Archive » Don’t Forget Your …
    sb_url_to_rate = ‘ your-girlfriend/’; sb_rated_title = ‘Don\’t Forget Your Girlfriend’; … 2007/07/19/dont-forget-your-girlfriend/ – 24k – Cached – Similar pages

    Another example, Search phrase “Peter Manso”:

    Old (rank #1):
    Jeff Singer Photography Blog: Peter Manso – Aug 5
    I photographed author Peter Manso for Playboy Magazine at his home not far from San Francisco. This was the shot they used in the magazine. … 2006/01/peter-manso.html – 17k – Cached – Similar pages

    New (rank #17):
    jeff singer photography BLOG » Blog Archive » Peter Manso 2
    sb_url_to_rate = ‘’; sb_rated_title = ‘Peter Manso 2’; sb_when_to_load = ‘immediate’; … blog/2006/01/11/peter-manso-2/ – 21k – Cached – Similar pages

    However, it isn’t happening with every post. For example I did a search for “We’ve Moved Jeff Singer” and the WordPress result looks fine:

    jeff singer photography BLOG » Blog Archive » We’ve Moved…
    We’ve Moved… August 2nd, 2007 Jeff Singer Posted in Uncategorized |. Just a quick note to say that I’ve moved from blogger and you are now reading this on … – 26k – Cached – Similar pages

    Why would this be hapening?



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  • Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    Looking at your page, I see that there’s some code added by something called “Spotback WordPress Plugin”. That’s where the sb_stuff is coming from, in a hidden DIV. I have no idea why it’s doing that, but whatever it’s doing, it’s doing it wrong. Disable and remove that plugin, it’s broken.

    Ok, I’ve removed the code. But I’m still seeing some strangeness in google results on my WordPress blog. For example:

    Google search “yelp space gallery”:
    jeff singer photography BLOG » Blog Archive » Yelp Exhibition At …
    Yelp Exhibition At The Space Gallery Aug. 6th – Aug. 20th … The show is a mixed media art show put on by Yelp and the Space Gallery. … – 27k – Cached – Similar pages – Note this

    Google search “how to look charming to your girlfriend” (I just saw this search in my tracking software and thought it was funny that my page came up):
    jeff singer photography BLOG » Blog Archive » Don’t Forget Your …
    One Response to “Don’t Forget Your Girlfriend”. MyAvatars 0.2 · Rose Says: August 3rd, 2007 at 12:28 pm. She has that natural look and you are right, … – 24k – Cached – Similar pages – Note this

    Both of these posts have comments on them. However, the first example shows as I would expect the beginning of the post while the second starts out with the comment.

    Is this kind of result normal or is there something wrong in my blog/template/code?


    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    Generally, Google indexes the whole page and then shows the portion there that it deems most relevant to the search in question.

    Sometimes, Google appears to use text from your meta description tag, if you have one. That’s why I put this into my theme’s header.php:

    <?php if (is_single()) { the_post(); rewind_posts(); ?>
    <meta name="description" content="<?php echo strip_tags(get_the_excerpt()); ?>" />
    <? } ?>

    This puts a plaintext excerpt version of my post on the single post pages into the header as the meta description. It seems to make a difference to me.

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