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  • 1.) Google determines your about-us page is more relevant for the query. Make sure your home page has links from all internal pages and has enough content. Currently, there is only images on your homepage. Adding text will help with this

    2.) Google doesn’t have a default sort, it returns whichever pages are most relevant to the search query. If you want to see all your indexed pages, use


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    For your first point, I totally get it, thank you.

    For the second point, the “default sort” means the page title that displayed right ( I know Google doesn’t have a default sort, but I set it by using Yoast SEO, the setting of Yoast SEO is not the same as the searching result:

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    Please, refer to our this guide which explains why Google doesn’t show the SEO title correctly as expected.


    The article mentioned 4 reasons.

    I checked the source code, it is fine.

    For the Google Cache reason, my SEO settings were set a long time ago.

    I used to check, I can see that the search result is totally different from my Yoast SEO settings

    So I assume the problem comes from Search Term Manipulation?

    Can anyone help?

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    Correct. Ultimately Google will, as you have seen, make the final decision on what they show in their search results. You may see a different title for all sorts of reasons. This article on why Google won’t show the right page titles tries to explain it.

    Due to this being handled on Google’s end, there is little you can do to force Google to display the preferred title. The best advice I can provide, unfortunately, is to try different titles. This article provides advice on crafting good titles for SEO.


    First of all, I changed the titles many times, but the search results just never change, so I doubt that Google changes my titles.

    Second, my other website never has this problem. Please check:

    So I do not think it is Google’s affecting the titles.

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    Google will change titles on some sites and not others. We looked at the source code and we can verify that Yoast is outputting the right title. See image:

    If Google is NOT showing the right title we can only suggest three actions:

    1. Can you confirm if you use Fetch as Googlebot that the issue is resolved? This will force Google to update the index. You may need to use it several times. This guide explains more:

    2. If Fetch as Googlebot fails to work, improve the title using this guide:

    3. Lastly, we suggest contacting Google for more information as Yoast is outputting the title correctly. It is up to Google to then show it. You may contact Google by making a post on their forums:!forum/webmasters.

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    We are going ahead and marking this issue as resolved due to inactivity. If you require any further assistance please create a new issue.

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