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  • Great plugin. Any chance you could incorporate Google’s search parameters? (

    I’m particularly interested in generating a search like this:

    [google_news query="search term"]

    and would prefer to have the ability to enclose terms in quotes to search for a particular phrase like this:

    [google_news query="'find this whole phrase'"]

    Many thanks,

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  • Plugin Author Kevin Spence


    Thanks for the excellent feedback.

    I modified the plugin, and it now supports what you’re asking for.

    If you’re using the widget, just wrap everything in quotes in the ‘query’ field. For example, “search term”

    If you’re using the shortcodes, you just have to be careful with how you wrap the quotes. For example, if you wanted to search for an exact phrase (let’s say Android sales), and you only wanted results returned from Engadget, you would do this:

    [google_news query='”android sales”‘]

    If you run into any problems with this, please let me know.



    Wow, Kevin!

    Thanks so much for working on this–and so quickly!

    I’m still having a little trouble, and I’, sure it’s something obvious that I’m missing.

    Here’s the search I want to execute as it appears on Google:

    “productivity paradox”

    and here’s what Google returns: (image removed, but it returns exactly what I’m seeking)

    So when I’m in WordPress and use the Simple Google News Plugin, I tried this shortcode:

    [google_news query=”‘productivity paradox’”]

    and nothing returned. Then I tried switching the quotation mark types:

    [google_news query='”productivity paradox”’]

    but still nothing returned. Is it because the site is a subdomain? Is there something I’m doing wrong?

    I’m so sorry to bother you after you already worked on this.


    Plugin Author Kevin Spence


    No problem!

    I think the issue here is that is not a site included in Google News (you can see for yourself by going to and typing in

    So there would never be any results returned.

    At the risk of reopening a stale thread. I don’t think that enclosing a phrase is single quotes is working. WordPress 3.7 and the latest version of the plugin. The site is not public so I can’t provide a link but here is the shortcode i am using [google_news query=”‘AIDS Action Committee'”] Results returned indicate that it is not keeping the term as a phrase.

    Thanks in advance

    Hi again,

    I really love this plugin, but I still can’t get it to search for an exact phrase. For example, if I set up a query: [google_news query=”‘Diana Ascher'”] I will get news articles containing ‘Diana” and/or ‘Ascher’ rather than only those articles containing the phrase ‘Diana Ascher’. I’ve tried all sorts of permutations with single and double quotes, but I can’t get it to work. I’d appreciate your guidance.


Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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