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  • Hello –

    When doing a Google Search on my blog (ie, “bowtie6 blog”) I get a Google results page showing a number of posts I’ve made. All good so far.

    However, when doing a Google Search for this “will buxton blog”, the Google results page comes up with a main entry for the home page followed by six other entries, among them an “About…” link.

    Is this a “paid” feature on Googgle? Is this something that can be controlled and set up by entering code on certain pages on my blog? How do you go about doing this?

    Another example is doing a search for “WordPress Support”. You get back the same type result: a main title entry followed by six links below it.

    Would somebody give me some insight on how to set this up? Much appreciated.

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  • The first two sites may have the H1 and H2 tags reversed – to see look at the browser tab/toolbar where it displays the title of blog and the page or post title – are they reversed in order on the two sites?

    Blog Title | Post Title

    Post Title | Blog Title

    When you give the Blog Title the H1, that is seen by search engines as having more ‘weight’ in search.

    And this may only be due to the content and number of hits etc as seen with your Google Analytics account setup.

    This is also the default bookmark name when saving a bookmark.

    Check varying items such as category, archive, tags, posts, pages, home page

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