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  • I am still receiving Google Search Console warnings when using GigPress:-

    “Search Console has identified that your site is affected by 3 Events issues:

    Top Warnings

    Warnings are suggestions for improvement. Some warnings can enhance your appearance on Search; some might become errors in the future. The following warnings were found on your site:

    Missing field ‘endDate’

    Missing field ‘eventAttendanceMode’

    Missing field ‘image’

    We recommend that you fix these issues when possible to enable the best experience and coverage in Google Search.”

    I remember pointing this out a year ago and wondered if there is a chance to offer extra fields in the plug-in form to address this?



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  • Plugin Support Ali Darwich



    Hello! For the “end date” missing field, I’m kinda curious, do you have a URL to send me where I can check it?

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    Hi Ali,

    I did start hacking the code a year ago and added all the missing attributes in your PHP, but haven’t got time any more 🙂

    It was only about 5 lines and did the job!

    Here it is:-



    Thread Starter plittlefield


    I just dug this out of my server…

    ` // Extra attributes for Google Events
    $show_markup[‘eventAttendanceMode’] = “”;
    $endDate = date_create($showdata[‘iso_date’]);
    date_add($endDate,date_interval_create_from_date_string(“3 hours”));
    $show_markup[‘endDate’] = date_format($endDate,”c”);

    or can send you the php file?


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    I am pretty certain I may have added something at Github?

    Just look for me 🙂

    Thread Starter plittlefield


            "@context": "",
            "@type": "Event",
            "name": "Norma Winstone",
            "startDate": "2021-07-17T20:00:00",
            "description": "An evening of Ellington with The Ronnie Scott Big Band directed by Pete Long",
            "performers": {
                "@type": "Organization",
                "name": "Norma Winstone"
            "location": {
                "@type": "Place",
                "name": "Deal Festival of Music and the Arts",
                "address": {
                    "@type": "PostalAddress",
                    "streetAddress": "St. George's Church",
                    "addressLocality": "Deal",
                    "addressRegion": "Kent",
                    "addressCountry": "United Kingdom"

    Just need 3 extra attributes!


    As far as I can tell, Gigpress can’t truly support Google’s expected event markup subset without at least adding fields for venue time zone, event ending time, and event image (3 different aspect ratio urls). Like the OP I cobbled together a custom/manual workaround.

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    3 lines of code… seriously?

    I think between me and @debiemer we’ve done your work!


    Look forward to your new version soon!

    Well, probably more than three lines of code to add fields to the back end, UI, and output scripting. 😉 My workaround involves a custom gigpress_related.php with some raw markup stored in the Notes field (ugh). Google’s guidelines are that an event’s markup should only appear on a single page within a site and it doesn’t seem necessary for past events. I’m a very casual php user not familiar with github and the open source development process. I understand you don’t want to add fields that might compete with your other event product, but if you’re going to say you have event markup support it needs to pass Google’s validator.

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    Agreed! @debiemer – Are you happy to email me your custom files?

    OK, I know this is a terrible kludge. I wanted to be able to follow Google guidelines (including having markup only appear on unique event urls) with minimal effect on plugin updates.

    1) Turn off gigpress’ markup setting

    2) Install “No future posts” plugin so related posts for upcoming events can be published

    3) Add the code below to output/gigpress_related.php. Store a copy of that file in the gigpress-templates folder as it will be overwritten by plugin updates. Remember to copy the custom version back after each plugin update.

    if(is_single() ){
    $search = array(““”,”””,”″”);
    $replace = ‘”‘;
    echo ‘<script type=”application/ld+json”>{‘;
    echo str_replace($search,$replace,$showdata[‘notes’]);
    echo ‘}</script>’;

    (The replace is to take care of stray smartquotes.)

    1) Enter Google-compliant markup manually in the event notes field.

    2) Assign a related post that contains the gigpress related shows shortcode.

    3) Use Google’s validator on the related post url to test results

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    Wow, that is some process!

    I thought my hack was too much work 🙂

    I shall have a look this weekend, thanks.

    For completeness, in addition to the fields I noted above, Google expects a “offers” section with a separate entry for each ticket price option (e.g. in advance vs at the door, student discount, etc.) which would require a relational back end setup instead of the current single text field.

    Plugin Author András Guseo


    Hi @debiemer @plittlefield

    Thanks for sharing your findings and solutions.

    GigPress does not have an end date / end time built-in, it was not developed with that in sight.

    Adding and end-time which is 3 hours after the start time could be a solution for some. I think however that this might not be a good solution for everyone.

    If you would like to keep your modifications in the future and make sure that plugin updates don’t overwrite them this is what you can do:

    To customize these templates, copy the template files you wish to modify into a new folder called gigpress-templates located in any one of the following locations:

    your current child theme directory
    your current theme directory
    your wp-content directory

    Any templates found in the above locations will be loaded in lieu of the defaults.

    More on this can be found in the documentation.

    Thanks again for your contributions here!




    It looks to me like Gigpress does have an end date datetime field, exposed by the multi-day checkbox? The date portion of that field is currently supported, but the time portion is not. I would urge you to at least add that support, if not full Google markup compliance.

    Plugin Author András Guseo


    I can try to look into implementing that. It’s going to take some time so I ask for your kind patience.


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