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  • Hi,

    Google implemented something new in the Search Console an my Customer gets the following Message since today in the Console for all Event Pages:

    In the Sourcecode of the event-pages I found this JSON:

    <script type="application/ld+json">
    [{"@context":"","@type":"Event","name":"LOSLASSEN – Intensivseminar 3 1/2 Tage","description":"<p>Beginn: Do. Abend 19:30 Uhr Fr. & Sa. 10:00 \u2013 18:00 Uhr Sonntag 10:00 \u2013 16:00 Uhr Wir arbeiten in einer kleinen Gruppe mit nur 14 Teilnehmern. Dreizehn Jahre lang hat es jetzt das Wochenendseminar \u201eLoslassen \u2013 wie geht das?\u201c gegeben. Ab 2019 m\u00f6chte ich gleich zu Beginn des Seminars tiefer einsteigen und nicht mehr [&hellip;]</p>\\n","url":"","startDate":"2019-05-02T00:00:00+02:00","endDate":"2019-05-05T23:59:59+02:00","location":{"@type":"Place","name":"Puja Praxishaus / Weilheim","description":"","url":false,"address":{"@type":"PostalAddress","streetAddress":"Tankenrainer Str. 49a","addressLocality":"Weilheim in Oberbayern","postalCode":"82362 ","addressCountry":"Deutschland"},"telephone":"0881-927 035 33","sameAs":""},"offers":{"@type":"Offer","price":"370,00","url":""}}]

    It seems to me, that Google scraps that for the informations.

    Is it possible, that the “,” is wrong and that there should be a point (“.”)?

    I fond this

    I think the Tag “priceCurrency” is also missing…

    I’ll be glad hearing from you!

    Best regards,


    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • I got this notice from all pages with the Event Widget. There is something wrong with the Widget – according to Google.

    Invalid price format in property “offer.price”

    We’re getting the same thing. Submitting a new ticket with Modern Tribe’s support team.

    Yep, just got two lovely Google emails about that today. Many of the affected urls aren’t actually event urls, they’re posts that have the events widget on the sidebar – and ALL my posts have that on the sidebar.

    Hey there,

    Thanks for reaching out 😄

    Can you see if adding this snippet to your child functions.php file stops these warnings:

    * The Events Calendar 4.0.5 - Add Basic Offer for Events using Event Infomation
    add_filter( 'tribe_google_event_data', 'tribe_filter_google_markup', 10, 1 );
    function tribe_filter_google_markup( $data ) {
    	$event_id = get_the_id();
    	$event_link = get_the_permalink();
    	$event_cost = get_post_meta ($event_id, '_EventCost', true );
    	$offer = (object) array(
    				'@type'        => 'Offer',
    				'url'          =>  $event_link,
    				'price'        =>  $event_cost,
    				'category'     => 'primary',
    				'availability' => 'inStock',
    	$data[$event_id]->{'offers'} = $offer;
    	return $data;

    Take care,
    Ed 🤟


    I’ve just tested the code but with no effect for the output.

    I’ve also testet to set a (different) static value for the price/event_cost like this:

    $offer = (object) array(
    				'@type'        => 'Offer',
    				'url'          =>  $event_link,
    				'price'        =>  300,
    				'category'     => 'primary',
    				'availability' => 'inStock',

    But in the JSON-String the original value persists. So the whole function seems not to be triggered at all.

    I also double-checked the cache…

    Best regards,


    Hi @erishel !

    did you find anything else, which might help?
    I read the documentation from Google for this new feature. It needs to see a dot as cent-delimeter. Where is it handled in the plugin?

    Best regards!

    Hey there!

    I’ve seen this code before, but I’ll have to dig to find the origin again.

    I noted this topic and will get back over here as soon as I can find this.

    Take care,
    Ed 🤟

    The problem with “offer.price” is not disappeared.

    Maybe Google does not understand “Gratis” in Danish???

    If you write 0 as the price, The Events Calendar will write “Gratis” (Danish for Free).

    I do believe the OP is correct in saying that the warning is coming from the missing Currency attribute. Markup Schema for Offers requires Currency. We are also seeing this issue on our client site.

    Is there any new developments regarding this issue? as I have got the similar email today,

    Search Console has identified that your site is affected by 1 new Products related issue. This means that Products may be negatively affected in Google Search results. We encourage you to fix this issue.

    New issue found:

    Invalid price format in property "price"


    Hi @erishel,

    can you give aus a status to this issue? Is the something in the pipeline for fixing the issue?

    Best Regards!


    I would like to know the status as well. Can we ask Google to reindex (validate) again?

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