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    Hello frank, not sure if this is related to YTLite but I had to start somewhere: Google Search Console sent me an email with the following warnings…Fix Videos markup for “my site url”

    Google systems show that your site is affected by 199 instances of Videos markup issues. This means that your Videos pages might not appear as rich results in Google Search.

    Search Console has created a new report just for this rich result type. The new report enables you to identify, fix, and resubmit affected pages to Google so they can start appearing in Search Results with rich result features.

    After looking in at Google Search Console under videos: All errors, 199 instances area ll post that contain the familiar “YTL” httpv:// Google advising I fix these errors but not sure where to start, any input would be welcome. Thanks for taking the time

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    @stephan2020 there isn’t a title visible on the LYTE vid (which maps to the “name” field in structured data, which seems to indicate the API calls either weren’t working at the time you added the video or that the API calls don’t work at all due to API key issues?

    @teejam “might be OK” in this case is a too gentle a message; accessNotConfigured absolutely indicates the key is not valid I’m afraid, so the API calls won’t work and so you won’t have structured data.

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    OK, just pushed a commit to Github that will use the title from the YT API response if description is empty and has a filter to allow you to override the description field.

    This should help provided you have a working YT API key (i.e. your video’s do have a title shown in the frontend). If you want you can download the latest version from Github here and test this change (make sure to clear the YT cache to have LYTE re-fetch the data from YT if you do test).

    One of the url’s (2 videos)

    Add microdata? Yes, default
    API working? All my videos seem to be working fine, never had any issues

    Google Structured Data Tool shows
    0 Errors
    0 Warnings

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    Had a look at the HTML source and as Google Structured Data Tool claims I indeed see no problems with the schema markup shirtguy, so no idea what that other Google tool is complaining about I’m afraid.

    <div class=”lyte-wrapper” style=”width:853px;max-width: 100%;margin:5px auto;”>
    <div class=”lyMe” id=”WYL_fe3Z2-hu3KY” itemprop=”video” itemscope itemtype=””><meta itemprop=”thumbnailUrl” content=”; /><meta itemprop=”embedURL” content=”; /><meta itemprop=”uploadDate” content=”2017-02-18T01:14:40.000Z” /></p>
    <div id=”lyte_fe3Z2-hu3KY” data-src=”; class=”pL”>
    <div class=”tC”>
    <div class=”tT” itemprop=”name”>Judas Priest – Point Of Entry (Full Album) 1981</div>

    Google just being Google I guess? They’re “the boss” guess I just wait it out and see if it remedies itself.

    As always Frank, thanks for your time and amazing plugins!

    I am going to “Mark As Resolved” and leave this “Further Info” for my WP Brothers and sisters that my run across this thread:

    Now reading how Google is trying to rid search results of “Phony” Rich 5-Star Reviews …
    I originally started this thread detailing 199 urls effected, this morning there are a few more including 4 urls that are showing as “Good” … These urls are 4 post I recently deleted and added “Soft Redirects to Homepage” … Google seems to “Like Me” in that they crawl and render new post I make within 5 minutes they are in search results.

    I believe these “Errors” to be just part of Google taking a closer look into sites Schema to find illegitimate markup and this is just some false positive as a result.

    Hello, just my five cents here. This issue is 2 days old, everybody and every plugin is dealing with it right now because Google started to notify everyone who has a video on the site.

    Like here you can check Nico’s solution.

    And Yoast is already having it in their plugin here

    Best would be if you could do the same as Nico from Arve.

    Thank you.

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    Nah; the big difference here is that LYTE does already automatically get the data from YT, so if the YT API key is working all should be fine really. If the API key does not work then microdata will indeed be wrong, but then you would be better of disabling the microdata option.

    The only change (which I wrote about yesterday) is that LYTE will use the title field if the description from YT is empty, if someone can confirm this works then I can push 1.7.8 out 🙂

    I created a new post on the 7th (after Google sent errors email) the post contains a YTLyte embed, Tested today on Google tools, contains no errors…

    Here is a screenshot of one of my post/embeds in question, search results under “Videos” shows a full video rich snippet.

    I still think all this mess is some false positive.

    Hi Guys, I have this “issues” from Google Search Console – Missing fields on Video / Mobility.

    Im using the plugin of Youtube Lyte, and I need help for the issues:

    Here’s one of the issues I have:

    <div class=”lyte-wrapper” style=”width:640px;max-width: 100%;margin:5px auto;”>
    <div class=”lyMe” id=”WYL_bP5vqaslQds” itemprop=”video” itemscope itemtype=””>&lt;!–@ inlined-iframe <iframe id=”iF_bP5vqaslQds” width=”728″ height=”205″ src=”; frameborder=”0″ style=”” allowfullscreen=”” allow=”autoplay”> @–>

    How can I add the missing fields to the theme?

    WordPress Theme: Snaps

    Thanks guys, hope you can help me fixing this issues 😉

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    clear lyte’s cache (if need be manually as described here) so LYTE is forced to re-fetch the data from YT and all should be OK sdro.

    Thank you for your response @optimizingmatters , I made the cache via plugin (not manually/) and a few moments appears this message:

    WP YouTube Lyte got the following error back from the YouTube API: accessNotConfigured (Tue, 22 Oct 2019 17:22:37 +0000)..

    Hope you can help, thanks.

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    accessNotConfigured means there’s a problem with the YouTube API key, you’ll probably have to generate a new one @sdro


    I have just seen in the search console. I am receiving errors in video schema.

    Missing field “thumbnailUrl”
    Missing field “name”
    Missing field “description”
    Missing field “uploadDate”

    I have WP YouTube Lyte installed and the API Key is working fine. When I test key it says “API seems OK, you can Save Changes below now.”

    Also as suggested in the guideline, I have changed the URL to https to httpv. I also tried everything from embedded youtube shortcode to https again but still the error is there. Can you please guide me on how I can solve the errors??

    Please response.

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    1. please start your own topic in the future thepiercer
    2. can you provide your site’s URL (and ideally a page that Google says has missing microdata?

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