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  • Plugin Author Blaz K.


    Hi @advwebmaster777,

    thanks for sharing this with me. I don’t think “CreativeWorkSeason” or “CreativeWorkSeries” are the way to go as this are limited to media seasons such as TV series, radio series etc. More about this here:

    I don’t yet know what the best way to go about this but it’s pretty obvious that they want to allow aggregate ratings only for the types listed in the blog post.


    Hi Blaz

    I posted a similar topic earlier today – my star ratings all disappeared 2 days ago – I blamed it on a Yoast Premium plugin i had upgraded to on same day?

    If there is a way to fix your plugin i am all ears. otherwise i might have to go with a different plugin.

    PS – Yours was working perfectly on my site, and all SERP pages showed my star ratings until 9/16 or 9/17/2019.

    Hey Blaz,

    I have the same problem. Is it possible to modify the Schema Output to “Product” ? Iam writing about Products and i think this would fix my issue. I could also try to fix it by myself if you would tell me in which file i can find the Schema-Details.


    Plugin Author Blaz K.


    I suggest playing a bit with the plugin’s structured data in public/partials – find the rating widget template. I would appreciate if users give recommendations what structured data would be the most generic or best fit for their websites.

    Obviously one structured data fits all is not applicable anymore. @santacruze product was also my first idea. But it requires additional data such as brand, product name etc. Hence it would only work via shortcodes.

    Maybe the best way would be to allow users to select which structured data to include (of the supported ones). But this requires a quite big update and I’ll need some time to develop it.


    Heya Blaz,

    Okay thanks for the update. I ll wait and see what happens 🙂

    If we could choose from the existing ones, of course that would be the best.

    If you could do that, it would be brilliant! I would like to thank you for your efforts to make this possible!

    I currently need the structured data for “howTo” for my website. Maybe I will experiment a little.

    And yes, I will also wait and see what happens. Thanks again for your effort.

    Greetings to all 🙂


    I would say that Product would cover a lot of us.

    Hi again,

    i experimented a bit and found out that howTo is not so easy to integrate.
    After further research I found a suitable schema type for me.


    I have a website with craft (diy) instructions and “picture” falls in with it. I have adjusted the output in Rate my Post and the Google Test Tool for structured data doesn’t find an error. There are probably no additional data necessary.

    I’m now curious if Google will show the stars again soon.

    I will keep you up to date 🙂

    Plugin Author Blaz K.


    @dieter93, please let me know how experimenting goes. Many of these markups require extra information. For example, “how to” requires steps etc. I’m being cautious with the update because the last thing I want is for users to get manual penalties. I’ll do more testing and then decide how to proceed.


    Plugin Author Blaz K.


    @kjowens and others,

    for product markup you can change in plugins\rate-my-post\public\partials\rmp-star-rating-widget.php on line 95

    "@type": "CreativeWork",


    "@type": "product",

    I checked and the data is valid. So, I take back what I wrote above 🙂 – some “recommended” fields are missing but this shouldn’t be a problem. However, we can’t know until somebody tests it 🙂

    I would push an update out, but obviously this markup doesn’t fit all. So I need to build settings and this will take me a bit more time. Please be patient and modify the structured data as needed until I have the update 🙂 also help each other and share tips 🙂


    Plugin Author Blaz K.



    I’m working on version 2.9.2 in which this issue will be addressed. In the options you will be able to choose between the following markups:


    Implementation of the Event, HowTo and SoftwareApplication will be possible via the filter but will require some knowledge of PHP.


    thanks for hard working! do you mean that HowTo will be a little bit configuration some php code and rate my post plugin?

    Plugin Author Blaz K.


    Okay, the update is out and now you can select one of the supported structured data types in the settings. Two filters are available for structured data:

    1. rmp_schema_type

    This filter enables you to set a different type if certain conditions are met. Let’s say you have a custom post type of recipe and you want to have the recipe structured data only in these posts. You can do that as shown in the example below:

    function my_schema( $schemaType ) {
      if( is_singular( 'recipe' ) ) {
        return 'Recipe';
      return $schemaType;
    add_filter( 'rmp_schema_type', 'my_schema' );

    2. rmp_structured_data

    This filter allows you to change the complete output of structured data. The plugin doesn’t support Event, HowTo and SoftwareApplication structured data because these require additional information that can’t be generic. For example, Event requires start time as well as location. The example below shows how to implement the Event structured data type.

    function my_structured_data( $structuredData ) {
      $voteCount = rmp_get_vote_count();
      $rating = rmp_get_avg_rating();
      $img = get_the_post_thumbnail_url();
      $name = get_the_title();
      $structuredData = '
      <script type="application/ld+json">
        "@context": "",
        "@type": "Event",
        "aggregateRating": {
          "@type": "AggregateRating",
          "bestRating": "5",
          "ratingCount": "' . $voteCount . '",
          "ratingValue": "' . $rating . '"
        "image": "' . $img . '",
        "name": "' . $name . '",
        "location": {
          "@type": "MusicVenue",
          "name": "Chicago Symphony Center",
          "address": "220 S. Michigan Ave, Chicago, Illinois, USA"
        "startDate": "2014-05-23T20:00"
      return $structuredData;
    add_filter( 'rmp_structured_data', 'my_structured_data' );

    As you see, some data above is hardcoded and it’s on you to make it dynamic 🙂 My approach would be to use ACF plugin and then retrieve the data from custom fields. Nevertheless, there are many ways to do this. In the future I might make it possible to add Event, HowTo and SoftwareApplication via shortcode, depending on the requests I get here.


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    Your solution works with rate my post plugin right? isn’t it generic solution?

    Plugin Author Blaz K.


    @lukasluke, I don’t completely understand. You just need to update the plugin to version 2.9.2 and choose the structured data type in the options. Above are examples, how to programmatically modify the structured data if necessary.

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