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  • On Google search results only the title of my blog appears.

    For example .. if you search for, say, just “Ian Schwartz” (my blog name appears), not the title of the POST.

    Why does this happen and does anyone know how I can fix?

    I’ve tried switching permalink structback back-and-forth, but didn’t work.


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  • I can see your post names just fine:

    Okay, two things.

    Some of my posts when I look on Google do appear in this fashion:

    Ian Schwartz >> Blog Archive >> Post Name

    I like that a lot. However, check out this:

    (1) There are several things to be noted here.
    The first two results, I like. The rest are in the “Category at Site Name” and “Post at Site Name” fashion. That I do not like.

    (2)Also, a lot of Google search referrals, for example, on a search for “Robert Escamilla fox” look at the first and second result. Both are mine, however, the first one is titled “Ian Schwartz” (I notice a lot of my google searches are like that) and the second one is “Video: Teacher Suspended For Inviting Speaker Who Criticized Muslims at Ian Schwartz.”

    I don’t think it is because Google hasn’t cached the searches because otherwise it may not even show up and all because even old stuff appears as just “Ian Schwartz” and the link goes to my homepage instead of the permalink.

    Do you know why and how I can fix?

    Thanks, Ian

    If google is showing it like that then your blog must have been formatting it like that at some point.

    If you are seeing your blog > category > title correctly now on your site then so is Google and that should be reflected in future posts.

    As for changing what is already on Google, that is an issue with Google not with WordPress.

    What Google shows is the TITLE of the webpage. However, it doesn’t change immediately just because you changed things. It takes time for Google to reindex pages.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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