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  • Hi,
    As a company we are starting to get requests to add blogs to our customer sites. The intial thought would be to go for the .com version for obvious reasons. However a hanful of clients have the opinion that .org is the best route to go down for better Search engine perfomance.

    Before we take a massive step in the wrong direction can someone give us some evidence that this is so. We would like to get it right for our clients. Will we get better reaults google wise for .org?

    Thanks for any advice in advance.

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  • Boris


    Well, the .com is a hosted version, so you won’t be able to add it to your customers sites. For that you’ll need your own install of WP (so .org). Makes sense for SEO as well (a little bit. it’s almost only good content anyway…)

    .COM is short for “COMpanies”.

    .COM is the most popular and commonly used domain. I tried to make few research about why “.com” is the most popular but I couldn’t find a very convincing reason except that the first registered domain name was in the “.com” particularly SYMBOLICS.COM

    .ORG also was one of the first generic TLDs.

    If your site is NON-PROFIT in nature, a .COM or a .ORG or even any domain extension will definitely work for you. It doesn’t matter. It’s just like giving an extended name on your desired domain name. In short, take your pick. One thing is for sure, all domain extensions have the ability to post your site on the web.

    If you’re a PROFIT-ORIENTED site, I believe .COM is better than .ORG. As World Wide Web(www) became more and more popular, web designers and web owners often desire to have addresses which can be easily remembered.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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