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    Hello Paul,
    How does it work? Is it visible on the login page? I changed the login page path and I do not see the usual Google Recaptcha box on the login page, only the usual “Are you human?”

    Also (totally different subject) : Where can I see a sample of the “customer report” for your premium version? Thanks.


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  • I can confirm that when I light up the Google Recaptcha option, not only I do not see it on the login page (not even in the page source) but as I am obviously “failing” the Google Recaptcha test, I am promptly blacklisted by the Shield…
    The ForceOff be with you 🙂

    Plugin Author Paul


    umm… that’s weird. What does your audit trail show?

    I cannot reproduce the issue 🙁
    In the trail the only thing I got was a “logon failure”…

    How does work the reCaptcha in Shield? Is it invisible and it’s just checking the way I enter my credentials? Or is it the usual reCaptch with a box to tick? If it is the later, it does not appear on the page (and not mention in the source ?)


    http://icwp.io/shld2 (I saw that link in your last version, now I understand better why I do not “see” anything :-)).

    Ok, once you understand how you setup the whole thing, it works just fine 🙂 Thanks Paul

    Little note : I would have placed the reCaptcha before the Google Authenticator on the login page, as answering some reCaptcha answers may take longer than it is allowed for a Google code (authenticator) to stay valid 🙂

    Plugin Author Paul


    Glad you got it sorted. I added in a bit of extra code to ensure that the recaptcha code doesn’t get touched until the initial keys are setup. 🙂

    Regarding the reports on iControlWP, we haven’t documented it fully yet. They are simple reports and you can choose between a summary, and a detailed structure.

    It will outline everything that has happened on the site in the time period specified. In the future we’ll add more design elements, but so far it’s quite simple, and you can add your own custom header/footer/logo/business content.

    Hope that helps!

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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