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  • I just saw the pages indexed for my site. NOT ONLY google does not index other pages than the index of my blog (Googlebot comes at least once a day, my site has 1000 backlinks) BUT it does not recognized at all the format of the /feed/ directory !!

    Message says: File Format: Unrecognized

    What is wrong in wordpress ??? Someone knows what it is?

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  • Firstly, how did you find that out, that sounds very useful!

    Secondly, I remember reading that Google is specifically not reading feeds, as it doesn’t fit with it’s business model.

    However, if it isn’t recognising your pages, that’s bad. Do you use the nice permalinks, or does the URL query show?

    Well, I did a simple query on Google to take a look at the indexed pages of my site and that how I found out that it doesn’t recognize the feed at all….
    Then I saw in my log files that Google was spidering my posts for a certain time but only the index of the blog is in Google, there no other cached pages.
    I’m using very nice permalinks, MSN got it right away.

    I’m not sure if this is a dead issue or not, but my site has the same thing! All google seemed to grab was the feeds which it’s saying are unrecognized. Do we have a solution for this yet?


    I’m having the exact same problem too… can somebody stand up and help please?

    Same here

    Not sure if this will go down as a solution but I did some digging and found that Google can and is indexing Atom.xml feeds but it would appear that RSS 2.0 is not currently supported. I posted more about it on my blog

    If this is the case than you could always exclude the RSS feeds from GoogleBot and only give it the Atom ones.

    A quick search shows a couple of threads covering this already.

    Thank you drmike but that search does not have the answer


    I usually don’t engage permalinks at all, as I’ve never had trouble getting good ranks inspite of “dirty” links and find the tweaking often needed too much of a trouble.

    Upon reading this I just checked 4 of the recent blogs I made for clients and they are all completely there in Google … except for the feed of course.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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