• Hello AddressFinder,

    Almost there in using the excellent AddressFinder for AU/NZ and Google Places elsewhere based on the billing or shipping country chosen. This I’m implementing through my own JS to enable and disable Google Places. In most circumstances both AddressFinder and Google Places work as expected.

    But here’s the issue I’m having. I can have the country for billing set to AU and AddressFinder does everything fine. If I do a shipping address for AU, all is good too. BUT say I change the shipping country to other than AU/NZ, now the billing AddressFinder is sick (just because Google Places has been attached to shipping). AddressFinder now finds addresses, but the dropdown disappears after a few seconds and even if one is quick to choose an address, the rest of the address fields are not populated.

    Now say I set the shipping country back to AU, all is good again! Weird, because one would expect no crossover between billing and shipping addresses. It’s as if Google Places, by its mere instantiation even on different address fields is managing to interfere with AddressFinder.

    Can you suggest where I might look for this interference? Have you ever seen the symptoms of the address list disappearing after a few seconds and not populating the other address fields?

    At the moment this is on a staging site and if you wanted to take a look I’m very happy to give you a login.

    Many thanks,

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    Hello again AF,

    Now I’ve implemented my js code so that I use AF for AU/NZ and Google Places (GP) elsewhere. However, as flagged there is interference between AF and GP in admittedly rare cases. That is when, say, the billing address is entered for AU and the shipping address for, say, Germany. All is ok initially, but should the user then try to revise the AU address, we strike the problem described for this issue.

    To work around this (admittedly rare case) I display an alert asking the user to temporarily set the non-subject non-AU/NZ country to AU/NZ and all will be well. Then reset the non-AU/NZ country back to its intended value once the AU/NZ address is found and the fields populated. You can see this on the live site at datastream.world if you follow the sequence described.

    This prompts me to ask, has anyone successfully implemented GP and AF working together flawlessly? URL’s please?

    Thank you,

    Thread Starter Barry Brunning


    Hello once more AF,

    Musing on this issue, I’m wondering if the source of the problem is actually AF and not Google Places?

    Suppose that when a user selects, say, Germany as the shipping country and AF decides to get out of the way, in so doing it invalidates, destroys, voids some object that is common to billing and shipping. Now if the user tries to update the AU/NZ billing address, all is not well. However, if the user sets the shipping country back to AU/NZ, that needed object is newly created and all is now well with autocomplete on the AU/NZ billing address.

    As I say, just musing, but were it so, it does fit the problem described.

    Could it be this just wasn’t a use case in testing the Woo plugin?

    Kind regards,

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