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  • I started my blog about april 18, in 7 days I was making 20$ already in commissions, 170 visitors daily real targeted to my niche visits and all was really nice and smooth in wonderland!, I finally got it!! and then…

    The april 24th, Google release Google Penguin, my traffic went down from 170 average per day to 8-9 visits 🙁 0$ per day now 🙁

    Anyone else got his dreams maul by a penguin?,anyone with a solution?

    repeating tags its a problem, should I turn off the All in One SEO plugin?

    its bad 🙁

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  • Do you happen to have the SEO Smart Links plugin installed? There has been some discussion that it can negatively affect your website.

    I also took a 66% drop on May 16, 2012

    Our site has also been receiving a drastic drop in traffic

    We had761 visits on May 16, and only36 on May 23.

    I am besides myself, but I can’t be sure I was bit by “The Penguin”.

    My site has gained popularity in the community and has many low level back links from dance schools, orchestras, and community theatre.

    Could it be that my efforts to raise awareness for the arts by supporting small local organizations has been damaged by these same organizations linking to stories and reviews, the media voice they so desperately need?

    Seems like a paradox to me.

    Your links to those small organizations should not have any affect on your rankings unless for some reason they are labeled as spammy or low quality sites. Even then that alone should not cause a big drop.

    I have to point my finger at something.

    Google analytic shows drop in search query only from google. Yahoo and the rest are steady.

    Google Webmaster Tools Sitemap shows 5,580 pages crawled and only 301 indexed.

    And here it gets real funny. Webmaster Content keyword digging 100 deep does not show “tickets” — which is on every single page.

    I guess google has determined that these are “boiler plate” keywords

    Neat google penguin summary here:

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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