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  • Good morning!

    So I have MMR installed on my site to minify and compress CSS and JavaScript and that seems to be functioning fine. I ran a test on Google Pagespeed and got the following:

    Eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and CSS in above-the-fold content
    Your page has 1 blocking script resources and 7 blocking CSS resources. This causes a delay in rendering your page.
    None of the above-the-fold content on your page could be rendered without waiting for the following resources to load. Try to defer or asynchronously load blocking resources, or inline the critical portions of those resources directly in the HTML.
    Remove render-blocking JavaScript:…p-content/mmr/9fa868ea-1509454205.min.js
    Optimize CSS Delivery of the following:…-content/mmr/f26b0dd7-1510061529.min.css…-content/mmr/c9b30c8a-1509454205.min.css…ular,italic,700&subset=latin%2Clatin-ext…-content/mmr/c68d0c30-1510091414.min.css…400,400italic,700,700italic&subset=latin
    The Google Fonts are likely going to be saved to my server (or CDN) and then loaded with a Critical Script and then that script should get compressed (I think) by MMR.  My question is the MMR scripts should I be doing something else with them?  Google Page Speed calls them out.  The page gets a 62/100 which is Poor and it's worse in mobile.  Pingdom gives my page an A but the page takes 7.79 seconds to fully render which makes it faster than only 18% of other sites tested which sucks.
    Pingdom recommends:
    The following cacheable resources have a short freshness lifetime. Specify an expiration at least one week in the future for the following resources: ... ille:regular,italic,700&subset=latin%2Clatin-ext ... 00|Lora:400,400italic,700,700italic&subset=latin

    But I cannot set a short expiry for google fonts. I’m hoping that putting them to the server will help.

    Any thoughts on on the Google Pagespeed Test for MMR? Not sure what to do with that. Thanks for a great plugin!

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    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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